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Today's instance of lazy macronational thinking.....

edit yeah I forgot that there are few Latin words that are pluralized by -es. *facepalm*

Lar and lares being one pattern.

The below proves that even people that have the most contact with me doesn't even know how to speak Latin much less the CORRECT pluralization of Latin nouns...

When my mom asked if the antivirus finished and found anything I said....

"Yeah it found a few virii on there..."

"A few what...?"

*semi-audible sigh* *groaned it out*---> "Viruses..."

Note to everyone out there, no matter how many other people would tell you otherwise...the plural of a Latin noun ends in "ii" not "es"'s virii not viruses!

Stuff like that always remind me of the first time things like that started bugging me...there was a commercial for a local Ford dealership and they had this cute perky blond with dimples...and the commercial was showcasing the latest year model of the Ford Focus and guess how she pluralized that?

Yep.... "Focuses"....I so totally cringed every time the commercial came on and sternly said out loud even at work to the TV "It's 'focii' you idiot!"

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