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subject: here's the thing...going to be quick....

getting rid of crappy Cox Communications internet and phone package...pardon me but they are a bunch of "cocks" there. Here's some additional grievances on top of all the irritations I've posted to date some of which, yes, could have been also either our fault or a random technical fault such as when the Compaq first got "bumped off" the network but yet still retained shared internet.

1 first and formost) This morning mom was telling me on the way to my work that she noticed online that Cox was trying to bill us for TWO COMPUTERS hooked up to the broadband when it really is supposed to be two computers networked together by a router sharing the Dell's internet connection through the Cox cable modem. So mom had to go find the office to talk to them to have them take off the extra fees.

2) later on we learned that they had a few hidden costs, most blatant was (I think I heard right) a $10 a month hidden monthly fee for the damned cable modem! Also because of the broadband and phone hooked up separate times (I think that's the reason) there's something in the way we got billed that made the package more expensive than what we were told.

3) is of course all the little technical stuff that we have to put up with...

a) the fact that we now have a reversal of an earlier problem where instead of the Dell not being able to get on the broadband, now we have the Compaq back to sharing resources with the Dell...EXCEPT THE INTERNET. So now I'm a little glad that mom could check her mail without having to put up with tilting her head back very far b/c of trifocals but we became back to the situation we've been in for the past about at least 2 years where we've always been sharing the computer and sharing the internet and doing dirty little tricks (the way I see it) to get on like for instance it appears that mom would take the opportunity that I present in getting up and going to the bathroom to hop on and take control of the seat for a long while regardless of whether or not I'm in the middle of something, especially if she wants something she is wanting so much done right then that she is practically *ahem* "getting pleasure" over me getting it done when she wants it which is right then.

There's also a few other little things like now we have a combination spyware, virus checker, parental control, popup blocker (more in the next thing) that mom and my uncle went a little too bonkers with and checkmarked some things that crippled a few things that shouldn't be crippled like prevented access to the MSIE settings because after that got installed I noticed that somehow someone turned on the MSIE popup blocker and MSIE is the only browser that is most compatible with going into and I need the popups on in order to get to where I can pay my monthly fee for my account there and less importantly to read the daily news and to check if my friends there are on, and my mail there. Also they disabled the Task Manager which I don't know why there's a setting like that unless it's for little kids to be kept from doing CNTL-ALT-DEL and stopping programs they have no business stopping and screwing up the computer. So I had those put on...

and then I think THAT DUMB THING is slowing down the computer and taking up RAM.

b) During one of the phone conversations today to Cox because she forgot some apparently was telling them why she was wanting to cancel the service package and how she was wanting Netscape because we both used that a lot and she uses it as her POP3 to check her mail and she got the response essentially saying that Cox wants all their users to use what THEY want to use and ONLY THEIR STUFF AND WHAT THEY WANT TO USE, which means also that since they use Internet Explorer since almost everyone and their cousin uses that silly thing (no offense to those that do), that ALL USERS on their system HAVE to have that as default and that if they want to check even their Cox email through even the webmail, it has to be on MSIE (as in: "If you want to download your email via POP3 you have to use Outlook Express (or whatever MSIE uses now) and if you want to just go and log into your box at (or whereever that site is) it HAS to be through MSIE."

Everything that uses their internet has to be through THEIR stuff like I think they were also claiming that either that Zone Alarm doesn't really work or it's interfering with their service and so they had us replace it with the Cox thing which is the parental control/antispyware/antivirus thing and had us take off the Norton. They were also claiming that we can't use dialup and broadband at the same time because according to them "it just doesn't work that way" <----*mocking "deservingly disrepectful to the Cox techs" nasal nerd voice* even though mom has connected to AT&T to use up the last few weeks of service while we have been having the broadband. Also before I was reminded how easy it was to change the settings on it, I also had Juno connecting through dialup and I think part of the reason how I got broadband to work on the Dell again was because I decided to see if Juno could still dial out but on the Cox phone connection.

Also there's the odd minor thing about not all the pictures on LJ showing up like the little icons next to the journal URLs and the top of the page isn't showing except for the search box and on Portal, Frank the goat isn't showing. All the links are where they are for example when I hover over the blank space next to the journal link, I still have the arrow turn to the hand so I can still click there and get to the userinfo. There's also an oddity that when I pull up my side, MSN (or Windows Messenger since I never updated that thing) doesn't log in by itself and the toolbox thing hides Yahoo Messenger and that doesn't even autologon as I clicked it to do either.

Anyway that's all of it and we're going with Valor...hopefully we would be taking off the damned combo blocker too.

Haha another reason what I hate that too...while I was taking a break thinking whether or not I forgot something, I was on in the sharing section and the Parental Control blocked a sharing.... ...ON CHRISTIANSTER!!!

Here's the title of it. "think think think...73 one liner. definitely at leat 1 will hit you hard :)"

I think it was either the way it was typed, or the sentense structure, or the word "hard." This is so stupid and why I hate having Parental Controls...I mean gosh just because mom doesn't want us to "fall into temptation" and go looking for porn. I knew it would go bonkers and crap. I imagine that if I went to and searched for "anatomy" or something I'd set it off.

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