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Okay, Cox....Cocks...whatever...ALL GONE! and with only 2-3 days of returning to dial-up, we had a tech come out while I was at work and made sure the modem was put in right. I told Tommy at work it was a cable modem and he said "No...because [Cocks (sic)] is the only company in town that does anything concerning cable because it is the cable company, you are probably getting DSL." So I got confused...but when I got home one thing that I did at one point was scope out the new cable outlet that we had put in the wall for the Cocks (sic) service and it is I guess we did also not only switch companies but Internet types as well, from Cox Cable Internet to Valor DSL Internet.

However there is still slight confusion because....isn't DSL the type of service that still takes up the phone line even if it is high speed? I use the internet now, and pick up the phone, and still get the dial tone???

The day before the Cocks mostly went away (a small explanation later...honestly small) I spent most of the evening and quite a lot of the day since mom had a perm appointment installing....

The Sims Online!!

I didn't know it would take that long first when I ran the installer I downloaded, I thought it was saying 12 minutes but as it went on I realized it might have meant 12 HOURS....and then what was worse was that it kept erroring so then I messaged EA Tech Caste and they replied that I essentially needed to do what I did on Ginta (the old computer) when I would run ScanDisk and Defrag....

which is.....on XP....pull up Task Manager and shut down EVERY program except explorer, task manager, and any process/program listed as SYSTEM or SYSTEM.

So with the still occuring but less frequent error (I guess because the program kept timing out) and having to suspend/pause the thing to let mom on to check her email, that's why it took all blessed 24 hours to get it done.

I got a great friend right away after logging in, it was primarily because in the documentation it told me to find someone by using the "browser" and clicking on most welcome areas....and find someone to welcome and show around the I did so but she had guests so I asked if I could join and she said yes...after becoming quick friends, she asked if I could be her sim-roommate especially since we share same interests.

She's even so impressed with me as a person that we have both our sims engaged! :P Don't worry, nothing's happening...she's married in RL. So don't get your hopes up!

Hey misfortunedfool, a puzzle for you, this new friend's sim's name is naynay....guess what her real name is? ;-)

Oh and right now, there might be some more expense....because Uncle Wayne is trying to figure out with his know how a way to put in these registry edits to correct the problems that the Cocks software (especially the parental control/firewall thing) inadvertently left behind which now includes an error popping up from time to time about some kinda registry Daemon problem linked to Microsoft Works Calendar, and I think we have corrected by now the Norton problem saying that the access to C: is denied. We also corrected the older problem that mom thought was because of Cox... was a registry problem that prevented most of the help files in most of the programs on this computer from working...the master file lost its registry line I think....

Then over the weekend another problem that was fixed was that for some reason Task manager was disabled and kept on popping up the message "Task Manager has been disabled by your Admin" when The Combination had been pushed. So we fixed that.

Now mom's getting frustrated at Microsoft .NET infrastructure...she's trying to get her MSN back to the address since she added an extra month to that service just in case... but yet going back to it, that address is "not verified" and so she went through the thing to get it verified again...she sent SEVERAL reply emails, went though the thing several times, no replies, no links, NOTHING. She even got a few tech caste replies and no good. She claims they weren't automated replies because they were "signed" by people's names at the bottom...two different names...but it was worth a guess for me when I suggested maybe the tech support was automated?

She thinks that the verification email was kept sending to the defunct Cox address.

She's almost thinking about quitting messenger but yet 1) who knows?...if she "wipes it out" on her side, it might "wipe it out" on my side and I won't have it because in certain circumstances like when I had a day like today, I don't want to hop on Ginta and go at a snnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiilllllll'sssssssssss paaaaaaaaaaccccccceeeeeee to do anything! Mom and Uncle seem to think it's "because of the number of icons" or "because of how many things I have running in the toolbox" or "the number of Instant Messenger programs" but Hell people!!!!.....think of it this way, Ginta (the Compaq) IS 6-7 FRIGGEN YEARS OLD!!!! Its HD would be considerably smaller than Tsutomu's (the Dell's) and that's one reason why I have some games installed on Tsutomu!!! Also if one upgrades from a Compaq Presario 5240 that is so old that no one wants to warranty it anymore with a AMD k-6/2 a freshly built Dell with a Pentium 4, ONE CAN SEE HOW SLOOOOOOOOWWWWW the older computer is!!!! NO MATTER HOW MUCH OR HOW LESS PROGRAMS ARE RUNNING ON THE OLDER COMPUTER! The Compaq would still be sloooooooowwwwwww. And one that gets "the taste of FASTER" would definately see how really slow an older computer is.
Anyway, something different here....anyone want to call just to say hello even if you're not a citizen???


Azul, fellow Talossans!

Since Prime Minister Tom Buffone started TalossaFest in 1989, this
annual summertime tradition has been the highlight of the Talossan
social calendar. It continues at 2 p.m. this July 9, 2005 (Saturday) at
the home of Immigration Minister Fritz von Buchholtz.


Saturday, July 9, 2005, 2 p.m.


Come to TalossaFest and renew old friendships, make new friends, meet
our growing population of Milwaukee-area citizens, and participate in
the Living Cosâ where we will decide the great issues of our time in a
free and open democratic forum. This year’s TalossaFest features:

* The Living Cosâ – Talossan democracy in action
* Cooking out, bring food/drink to share – Ben is bringing Berber
couscous and lamb... What are you bringing? :-)
* Talossan-Opoly – The RT’s version of “Monopoly” with Talossan places
and money
* The Talossan premiere of “The Turkish Star Wars”, to continue our
tradition of lousy sci-fi movies that must be seen to be believed


If you can’t attend the 2005 TalossaFest, we still want to hear from
you. This is your party even if you can’t be here. Send us an e-mail,
RIGHT AWAY, with your greetings for the festival – it will be read aloud
for everyone gathered. E-mail or with your greetings, preferably well in advance.

If you prefer to phone in your greetings, first try Fritz’s home number:
262-238-1148. If that is busy or isn’t answered, try his cell phone:
414-803-7429. Keep trying till you get through – we want to hear from
you. We may just be outside.

** DRIVING DIRECTIONS (from downtown Milwaukee):

1. Go north on I-43 N (heading towards Green Bay)
2. Take the MEQUON RD. exit- EXIT 85
3. Turn LEFT onto MEQUON RD, go 3 miles
4. Turn RIGHT onto N CEDARBURG RD., go 0.2 miles
5. N CEDARBURG RD becomes S MAIN ST, continue 0.3 miles
6. Turn RIGHT onto GREEN BAY RD., go 0.2 miles
7. Turn RIGHT onto RIVERVIEW DR., go 0.1 miles
8. End at 321 Riverview Dr – Look for the Talossan flag!


If you have questions about TalossaFest, need lodging, etc., e-mail Ben
Madison at or Fritz von Buchholtz at for more information.

Join a nation small enough
for your voice to be heard...
And big enough for your voice
to make a real difference!
Join the Kingdom of Talossa!
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