Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

sorry it's been so long again.

I've just been preoccupied...on one hand with getting the registry mess done that the Cox tech support and software caused, which is now solved by research and script making to get stuff reenabled and other things. The biggest mess was when some registry entry concerning a DLL file connected to the calendar in Microsoft Word kept popping up an error message, the taskmanager became disabled, and the registry editor also would refuse to be called up. That's all the stuff that either we went into the registry to correct ur wrote scripts and executed them. We got NAV back too.

the Works thing however was corrected just by reinstalling but we lost the CD so we used a newer version that uncle had. He did a few other things that I didn't stay back here and see because I was kinda nervous and didn't wanna watch. He did take the old computer and look at it because he had trouble with the network so he took it home and discovered overnight that the network cable to it was bad so we went and got a new one and....

bought a webcam!!

Yes now we have webcam! Works supposedly on MSN, Yaho and AIM. Though the versions of AIM I have don't seem to have that option anywhere. Also cleaned up the old computer a little to get it to run a bit faster and put norton on that one too but for some reason not all the sounds are on it still.

Before the Compaq was taken, I did have one ordeal where I think it was some lockup and I rebooted it and logged on my profile and a lot of things were different so I brought up firefox anyway and I discovered that none of the extentions and themes were on it so I went back and reinstalled and stuff and went on but later I rebooted again and they were all back.

Mom and I also got into a semi nasty argument about TSO, she didn't understand at the time though she is trying now...I hope...about my reasons but, I would log onto TSO and of course do it on the Dell because it has the HD to install it on and it's somewhat of a new game, I don't remember if it was released before or after Black and White but I just assume that especially since the files to the program collectively take a big bite out of the hard drive, that it would need a lot of memory too and that it wouldn't run on a 6 year old computer running Windows 98 and what is essentially a Pentium II instead of a Pentium 4.

A six year old computer that runs on a Pentium II I imagine wouldn't have the RAM memory to run Sims Online, at least not without chips for additional RAM memory.

So mom was complaining how I have been spending hours on the Dell and keeping her from checking email (especially since the Compaq is on the old desk with the CRT monitor on the top shelf where she'd have to put up with the reflection glare and tilting her head back to read with trifocals) while I boost the skills points of my sims.

In Sims Online the way they get points for their skills is different than in regular Sims... 1) the number of points down to the second decimal point is shown to the side of the learning progress meter along with the learning speed 2) the learning speed goes up with how many people are learning the same thing so that it's better to learn in groups, that's why some users made/make "skill houses" 3) the higher the user's sim gets in a skill the slower it learns no matter how many people are learning with the sim.

4) because of #s 2 and 3, sometimes either, or or both, a person like me would get bored fast skilling since when one is skilling you can't just have it do one thing at a time. The sim has to stay in one place and learn. The only other thing to do is chat in Sims Online while the sim skills up. but there was a compromise.

She was also complaining especially how I jump to the old computer and IM while I'm playing Sims Online...hey for one thing when you're doing nothing but skilling and half the time no one wants to help you get done a bit faster and you do it by yourself or close to it. When I'm quiet for one way or another I don't talk. And when that happens and I do nothing but skill half the time I fall asleep at the keyboard. It got to where it was rough at work and then come home to complaints and nagging and I fall asleep before my time.

There's also this....kinda annoying ex member of Anime Angels that's a teenager nowand when we got DSL and both computers networked, (part of this is my fault) I had the habit of walking off making me available for chat even thought I'm not there at the computer...and she messages me! and she gets all huffy and offended if I don't say hi back...thinking it's rude to have been said hello in an IM and not reply..and when I do talk to her she goes on and on about stuff...

Oops but I see where you might say the same of me :( but she irritates me, whenever I have to go and eat supper or go somewhere and I'm talking to her, she just keeps going on even when I say I have to go....

So now as a preventative measure I rarely log onto AIM much these days and I leave my MSN/Windows Messenger set to invisible!

I also am seeing where Sims Online could be a problem when I start to spend most of my time on it trying to get my sims to earn more currency or to chat with some friends I made on there, my second sim just got enough for a spotlight. So now I can grab people's attention.

Oh I didn't call into the King of Talossa during the living Cosa but I did vote, there's this one thing I voted no on and this other thing was changing the definition of political party and I voted no because I fell into the side that thinks it would do more harm since most of the parties now are so few that they would be below the cut off and then there'd only be two or one political parties left. The other one I think is a tax one.

I also got an email about a Nova Roma census so I filled that out and also joined the email list.

I guess that's all, see you later.
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