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Time to break out the customers_suck/co_workers_suck special icon

Yeah there's been quite a few times since I griped about work last that I could have posted but if I posted each day and griped about work they would kinda be monotonous but today is special so I would blanket everything since my last gripe into this one...

Recently we have a promotional that's not only for June but for July as well where I think from what I noticed, it's a lunch buffet special where the drinks are 50 cents per order. Of course everyone and their cousins flock in except for a few days out of the blue that's pretty much bearable.

Now for one part....I would understand kinda if the customer(s) were old people that didn't really take care of themselves and eventually became fragile and need someone and/or something to help them walk around and they didn't really want to walk very far to the buffet/salad bar and back...and understand if they wanted someplace with soft seats (ie: a booth) to set their almost bony fragile butts down in,

but when we're HAMMERED my gripe is for them too. #1) when you all come in and SEE that we're hammered (do these stupid malfing morons ACTUALLY SEE???) why don't you all just take whatever clean tables you DO SEE???? Either that or let me pick the one dirty table that's QUICKEST to clean and TAKE IT???

Because if you choose a table with a ton of stuff on it then a) you'd be so impatient to sit and eat that you'd sit your crap down on the table when I get half the dishes off of it to another dirty table and before I wipe the crumbs off the table and b) there's a chance that another person or two or three or four would approach me wanting more than one malfing table cleared off at the same malfing time!!!

#2) if all those stupid idiot customers actually noticed and CARED TO NOTICE that we're HAMMERED would you think they would have the COURTESY to think "Well this place is quite busy, why don't we come back at another day when this place is much less busy and go somewhere else to eat?"

NO!! They go ahead and order and stuff and then stress all of us out...or at least only me and a few others. It's because of this...this...CRAP!!!!! that at least I go home quite tired!!!

It's no wonder why I consider customers in general as an umbrella entity as....THE ENEMY! Yes I call them all my enemy when I consider them collectively, I am not ashamed to do so or to admit it. When a friend or a favorite regular comes in, I still like them....but when lumped together with the others and considered as part of the whole horde, they become part of THE ENEMY as well.

It is THE ENEMY's fault that I usually run over my scheduled clock off time as well as my co-workers babying them selfish impatient assholes by, for example, leaving the last buffet pizzas made for the lunch buffet out after 1:30 PM for lunch buffet customers that are still there eating instead of what was done "back in the day" when I started working for Mazzio's when we used to toss in the trash the uneaten pizzas and take all the buffet platters back into the dishpit to soak. Now we baby those assholes and leave them out and then at the last minute (to me) buffet gets "broken down" and the pans get taken back to about 5 minutes until my shift is supposed to end. I'm just glad that pretty much all the time I get away with having them soak for the next guy to do.

Anyway back to the list....

Why is it when THE ENEMY comes in and sees we're being hammered, again why don't they think to themselves "This place is busy let's go somwhere else??" There's a KFC down the street that opened a few months ago after a long while that this city went without one. FLOODS of people went there on opening night including mom and me but what did we do that's set apart from all the assholes that were crowding that place and making the parking lot impossibly busy???

WE TURNED AROUND AND DECIDED TO COME BACK ANOTHER NIGHT...instead of waiting in that super long line.


I'm also tired of the assistant manager Shana telling me to hustle and remarking that she knows my legs move faster than that when...HELLO...they don't move that fast when the stupid customers TIRE ME OUT...hello!!!!

And now onto the co_workers_ suck....

I heard a bad rumor that was within the same hour confirmed. It concerns the...pardon my French...SHITHEADS in what I love to call the "Ivory Tower" or in other words the Mazzio's Corporate Office in Tulsa.

For those that might not be familiar with the term, and I'm sure there's at least Ivory Tower is a concept for people that are so high up in the pecking order or ladder or whatever that they no longer care about what the people on the bottom are going through or what their decisions have on the lives of those on the bottom.

For instance the people in Corporate don't care what us "grunts" have to go through each day at a particular Mazzio's store or how their decisions affect us.


Anyway I posted the other year at some times when I was talked to because I've been "too slow" but yet I've been crippled because I had my bussing cart taken away and then Rhonda, when she was manager, was lightly griping about this and that because I've been "using tables for bussing tubs" when I had the one bus tub out there and it got full quick because of the trash bucket and silverware bucket I put in there...and I needed to clear off more so not to have someone always say "Al, there's more dirty tables out there" when I go back every 2.5 minutes with a full tub.

This year when Rhonda got transferred, and good riddance to her (sorry if this offends anyone and I don't mean to offend and don't really mean anything by it, but Rhonda my mom and I have heard that a lot of my other coworkers didn't like her very much...and she's been quite nasty to one degree or another to everyone but especially hard on me...and one theory we have is that she was mean to everyone just because she's gay), we got this new manager named Kelly, a married guy with a wife and kids.

One contrast with Kelly is that he's more truthful and honors honesty and that he's more approachable and easy to get along with. He changed the whole kitchen around because it needed to have major changing around. Also since the last meeting, he tried to get people cross trained more and even gave me more hours because he noticed that I could need more hours than what Rhonda was giving me where in the past I was only given 16-20 hours a week and only when I'm not being considered "too slow." He also saw that I could do more than just bussing and washing dishes and let me learn some prep.

He was the one that helped me and got mad (not at me) when Crystal accused me of going through her purse and stealing something when I did no such thing and then turned around and stole my GBA and CD player. This wasn't proven especially since he found it later hidden behind the carbon dioxide tank near the employee door but what mom and I think is that Crystal was warned what was happening by phone an hour or so after I confronted her and she snuck back up through the employee door and hid those things so she wouldn't get caught.

Now...I heard...and got confirmed...that Kelly is moving!


because those bastards in the Ivory Tower were wanting him to work more hours but he couldn't because he wanted to not have his family to fall apart. It's not already but his point was that if he let them make him a workaholic then he's afraid his marriage and family would suffer....

Plus when I was getting my stuff out of the office where I put it now since the Crystal fiasco, I overheard in passing Shana talking about when her and Kelly got their evaluations from corporate and I now know that they are using their STUPID Customer Loyalty Index and statistics as one main part in evaluating managers...and from what I heard of all this, not only is Kelly leaving on his own volition next Wednesday...but the rest of management (all of them except for Shana are totally new and like me a lot and understand what I go through everyday) would be either moved out of that store or let go!!!

Like I told Kelly when mom, him and I were outside trying to check if more large uniform shirts came in and he told us....I have a new conspiracy theory...the people in the Ivory Tower HATE ME.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do change out all the managers and get people more sympathetic to those FOOLS in the Ivory Tower and I get those evaluations again where my report would go back to the way it was before Rhonda left instead of being like the last one that said I've been improving a lot...and the new people, instead of saying "If we have to send in the exact same report again next time we'd have to let you go"....they might go ahead and let me go.

and if they do that, then I feel I have no choice then since there'd be nothing to hold me try to house hunt from a distance, break money out of my mutual fund, and try to transfer my credits over to Eastern New Mexico University and move to Portales, NM. I have enough of the bullcrap here at work anyway and I think that Portales, with the smaller population, I wouldn't have to deal with being totally hammered at work especially with stupid customers.

There's also a meeting this Saturday having to do with Customer Service that's been planned for a month and we all have had a months' notice instead of the usual one week notice.

I think something else would be said there as well now about some rumored changes, I don't know what they are other than management changes, but if there are changes seperate from management staff changes, and I DON'T like what I hear, I guess I would have to tough things out for four months since it's quite close to Fall Semester and I am already enrolled, and have an unofficial, unspoken 16 week notice of quitting. and since I have still an uneasiness of finding a job here in the Tulsa area of OK and am still uncertain of finding another one very quick...that by the time the semester is over, I would possibly have found an apartment to move into.... Portales, NM. (as well as have my credits transferred)
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