Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

This is ridiculous....

this is another reason why I'd want to move not only away from mom but also out of here...

Tulsa Transit indeed is a bunch of greedy, stingy creeps!!! I mean they say this in the PDF.....

"Tulsa Transit General Manager Bill Cartwright said, 'Tulsa Transit is excited to have the opportunity to provide public transit service in Broken Arrow. Our goal is to enhance the existing bus system, and to provide easier connections with our Tulsa system.'"

IS THE FOLLOWING ENHANCEMENT???? (note....where I work is essentially at the corner of Kenosha (71st street) and Lynn Lane which is, it seems, half a mile from what their "stop number 3" is being shown. Not only that but they don't go to NSU-BA anymore but then after I graduate is when I plan and hope to move so that won't matter...)

Other differences to show that the route SHRUNK is here...the old route was (and this is from my POV from when I used it to ride home when my mom was still employed by Reasor's South....):

From 71st and Lynn Lane, to Wal-Mart on 71st and Aspen (145th), to TCC SE Campus and the hospital (by turning left on Olive and getting on 81st), round the neighborhood and go back down 81st...turn right on 145th, turn left on 101st, stop at Vandever House retirement home, then soon after stopping at Albertson's and then at Reasor's South across the street where I would get off.

but yet they SHRANK the route!!!! One would think that since they have the damn money to pick up the route from our local bus service that they'd have the money to keep it as it was and still be able to have 30 minute between pickups but NOOOOO they have to be STINGY!!!

I'm malfing moving. It's just too much trouble finding a friend that even taking me home and to work isn't "out of the way" for them, and it's kinda personal (only misfortunedfool knows the deal) but my sister wouldn't be of much help either if I stay here and mom moves.

If I do stay here I'd essentially, through circumstance, be turned into another Nhu Ly....and I can't take that.... Only being able to go to two places, work and home, work and home, work and home, work and home. And if sister or other family membershas the time to take me anywhere or do me any favors it would only be not without a price or anything to suit their motives. Like they wouldn't have time to take me to where I want (and even then there's no guarantee that they would want to take me there) and back home right away, they would still have to somewhat follow THEIR schedule around me.

Like for instance, one day after a week or so of not needing the bus, I trie to catch the bus, apparently the driver got used to me not being there and BLEW THE STOP and I saw him. So I called an old friend Joe (who is a bit of a ditz) and waited but after while I gave up because he was probably out with his grandsons so I called my sister and she picked me up and because she had her plans apparently, I had to blow what I had planned for that afternoon because she just took me to her house and I had to spend the day with her a friend and her kids at the park next door to the elementary school walking around the track.

So no, half the time my sister would do that....instead of taking me straight home. And also because of the above mentioned "personal matter," most of the time it would be her that would be chauferring me and she has to take my niece and nephew....sorry but I can't elaborate further...but because she would have to take my niece and nephew with us, then my time at whereever I want to go would be VERY LIMITED for instance, when gas was cheaper and the Tulsa Go Club used to meet at the mall, I was only able to be with them until 8 PM instead of playing with them until 9....because the kids would need to get back home to sleep!

So yeah...another nail in the coffin for BA.

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