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Newsflash..... Talossa has been dissolved as a micronation!!!!!!!

(and I've been almost ready for the civics test to confirm my citizenship as well)

From the "King"....Robert Ben Madisson.

Azul, fellow Talossans,

Since the formation of a fake "Talossa" on the internet in June,
there has been perpetual conflict within Talossa over issues such as the
enforcement of our trademark and copyrights. In addition, to replace the
lost citizens, we enacted very liberal citizenship laws last summer.

Since then, our immigration minister, Fritz von Buchholtz, has been
packing the citizenship rolls with his friends and family, and enrolling
them all as members of his party (the CLP). They are now the majority.

On 13 August 2005, the CLP made three announcements: 1) That they had a
policy of packing Talossa full of CLP "pocket votes"; 2) That their
party was open to membership for people who were also members of the
fake "Talossa"; and 3) That their actual membership list is a closely
guarded secret.

In an attempt to get a handle on the situation, Prime Minister Marcus
Cantalour issued a moratorium on immigration until after the next
election, scheduled for August-September. Unfortunately, the CLP
continues to illegally register Fritz's friends and family as Talossan
citizens in defiance of the law.

As a result of the ongoing crisis, PM Cantalour and I have both
renounced our Talossan citizenship. We see very little hope that Talossa
can survive if its leaders are dedicated to violating the law and
working with thieves.

It has been more pleasure than pain to work with you, for the last 25
years, in building up Talossa. But I think it is probably time to move
on. Talossa has broken up more friendships than I care to count, and
since we went on the internet, it has become a venue for crazies,
thieves and psychopaths.

I will always have fond memories of the times we shared at TalossaFest
and the other gatherings and parties that Talossa has allowed us to
enjoy. But when the leaders of the country have no commitment to
Talossa's identity or the rule of law, there is no point in participating.

If you want to save Talossa, let me know. If you want to renounce your
citizenship, please also let me know so that a complete list can be
drawn up.

Thank you for your friendship and support these many years, it's been a
great ride!

R. Ben Madison
"King Robert I"
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