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more later but first....

I'm starting to really hate the latest season of Amazing Race...I mean....gah!!!!!

for one thing, yeah they call it the "Family Edition" but can't they just call it AR 8: The Family Edition? I can't even keep up what numerical season the latest Survivor is because all the Survivors are distinguished by location names....Outback, Africa, Palau, All now with "Amazing Race Family Edition" what's next? "Amazing Race the Celebrity Edition"??? "Amazing Race the Political Edition"? or how about "Amazing Race the Pet Owner Edition"?

Also, so far, the show HASN'T left US soil, what the heck is THAT ABOUT????

There has NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!!! been one single season of Amazing Race that has stayed for THIS LOOOONG in the United States!! Tonight was the second episode and they haven't left yet, the preview left some doubt that they would next week either.

So my question is what is the problem with having all those family members of each of those family teams of four and getting them their shots and passports????? Don't people take their little kiddies on international/overseas trips anymore???!!!!??!1!1111!!??!!!eleventy-one

and besides there's only ONE family that has offspring that's about 10 or younger anyway so what's the apparent problem with getting even THEM their shots and passports? Is there some US law that says that little kids aren't allowed passports and to go out of the country?

It just burns that there's no reason at all given that the show hasn't shown yet ANY plane trips and after 7 seasons, fans of the AR have gotten used to teams racing to the airports and trying to figure out which plane is more advantageous to get to the destination and edging out the others to get on the best plane, having language barriers, etc....

And apparently this season is so LAAAAAAAAAAME because it so far doesn't have that!! It's just about a SLAP IN THE FACE that season 8 doesn't have the teams take one plane trip yet. It's just not the same and not "dramatic" enough just seeing a highway map of the USA tracing the routes of the CARS instead of the global map showing the flight plans. Like big deal "Come on guys let's get in the car" *cuts to map and traces from pt A to pt B*

Also it's quite blah like if the season does stay in the US it won't be hard really....just about everyone speaks English unless the show has them seriously interact with Hispanics that speak only Spanish or have them go into the Chinatown of a big city and encounter Chinese only speaking people. No contestants going ""

Meh....I'm now more than ever wanting the Godlewskis to win...first Polish winners and first all female team winners and also first time a fave pick of mine wins (sad but true out of all 7 previous seasons there HAS NOT been any of my faves that has ever won AR).
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