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Ginta is "dead"

Now I'm back to doing everything on the Dell and having to put up more with sharing the Dell with mom. I got so used to the networking and being able to check mail and stuff and messaging people on Ginta (the old Compaq computer) when mom is on Tsutomu (the Dell).

Here's the story. We have Norton on Ginta ever since we networked both computers. For some unknown reason the Master Boot Record keeps changing and causing the virus checker, whenever it pops up for scheduled sweeps, to prompt an urgent warning about the MBR being changed. I forgot the choices except for one that I always restore it to how it was before the change.

Apparently I guess what it does is that it scans for virii first and THEN corrects the MBR...

Anyway I had Yahoo Messenger logged in there, and had it maximized and showing the list, I added someone that I met in TSO and started talking, when I was going to close the window, I got a Blue Screen of Death saying that the system memory was low and Norton might not be working properly.

I pressed a key and then Norton errored out and then YIM errored out. While I was closing out the error messages, Ginta FROZE!

I couldn't warm boot so I flicked the power strip switch off and on. Compaq logo showed and then...with NO FLOPPY in the floppy drive, I got.....

Non System Disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready.

So now there's no network and no IM'ing while I'm in TSO unless I really want to bother with pressing ALT-Tab. I wouldn't want to try system restore unless I contact my uncle and see if it's possible with him to transplant the hard drive and copy off the Juno backup and the Yahoo archives off of it first. I'm sure that it could be done if he has a slot to do that in and the right cables.

Here's my take on the Interest meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. adolf hitler:
    History interests me especially warfare and in a way bad guys interest me too... Besides, there's lots of information on where Hitler came from, what set him off, many different theories and facts about how and why he thought the way he did. Also I know that a lot of people are astounded or should be astounded as to the amount of evil this guy had done in his life.

    Hitler is also one of the ultimate cults of personality in the entire history of mankind. No wonder why hundreds of people want to be neo-nazis, no wonder why Saddam idolized this guy...not only is Hitler and his thoughts intoxicating in an evil sort of way, but the power that he held was intoxicating. Some things of the Nazi German culture when separated from all the horrible evil were actually beneficial such as the youth leagues that taught fitness, teamwork and comeraderie.
  2. brazil:
    Years ago when I was new to this MUD called Realms of Despair, I was also logging in more frequently to this telnet chatroom called Twilight Zone. There was someone I knew in TZ that went by "dierna" so when I saw an elven paladin of the same name in RoD, I thought that was the same person.

    It wasn't and that's how I met Ariadne Marques de Medoca. We started teaming up and playing with each other (sorry I don't know any other way to say it, it sounds kinda...questionable...does it?) and we became great friends.

    Regrettably we lost touch in about 2001-2 and the last I heard from her, she was about to graduate college with her new bf and was engaged (she used to have a LD rel with someone here in the States but apparently she broke up with him and started dating locally).

    Also, she did very briefly one time try her hand at teaching me Brazillian Portugues before she told me after asking how to pronounce stuff to go and find a nice tape thing on how to speak it.
  3. comics:
    I love collecting comics, it started back in the early 80s but I didn't reallllly collect them until the early 90's and even then I'm not totally hardcore because what I did is that I'd go and catch up on the stories and series that I've heard about or missed as a kid and also I was such a penny pincher that even with the stories coming out, that sometimes I'd wait too long and then would have to get that issue in the back issues...

    So what I mean is that for instance, when I got from my grandparents the entire run of "Crisis on Infininte Earths" I opened the shrink wrap and started carefully reading the entire thing. Same with every single bagged back issue I bought.

    EXCEPT FOR THE SPECIAL EDITION ISSUE 500 OF SUPERMAN!!!! I ALMOST did open it but I changed my mind so I went out and bought the one that WASN'T in the white back with the S-symbol on it.
  4. eastern philosophy:
    I love Eastern cultures and the way they think and believe. Yeah they all aren't Christian and they need saving, but there's a lot of their philosophy that makes sense, like for instance there's lots of sayings that insist that a person or thing should "stay low" or essentially in the way we put it..."Keep it Simple, Silly"

    For instance the small story that has many variations that go like "If you go back and forth between mountain of mud A to valley B and carry two buckets of mud, then eventually you'd move the mountain"
  5. go:
    Go is a 4000 year old game of strategy from Asia that has many names. Wei Qi in China, Baduk in Korea and Igo in Japan. It's not that widely known outside of Asia but there are professional players in Asia that make a life of it. It's more complex than chess because there's more combinations of moves than any game in existance and therefore there's no way for a computer to beat a person at Go and is easier to program a computer to be a Chess master.

    Also Go is the only game in existance (at least that I know of) where players put pieces ON the board instead of moving them around and removing them. Therefore it is also the only game that starts out with a blank playing field. The only time to remove a stone (piece) or group of stones are when the stones are completely surrounded by an opponent's stones.
  6. mailing lists:
    mailing lists...I don't remember why I put this one on here the way it is but I am in several Yahoo Groups and also run a few that I have sadly neglected for a long while and need to get back...they have also died on me while I was active anyway and I need to jump start them. One of them was kinda like a penpal list that I took over when this community website called was up called World Wide Friends. I met this nice Swedish gal on there that I was friends with for a while and she thought that the group was dying so she ended it, handed it over to this Brit guy that had a crush on her....and then eventually even he said "It's over and dead" and gave it up and so I took it and put it on eGroups which turned into Y-Groups...I had it active and even fought for its survival...

    sometimes like now, I look back and am sad at how it was active and even when I was fighting to keep it active, it died on me but I still have the group and want it active again.
  7. reading classics:
    I love reading a lot and especially classic literature...what makes them classic??? They are great literary pieces of art that should never be destroyed, tossed out or even forgotten. They portray an awsome and historical snapshot of what the author thought about society through the author's eyes...of their own culture, or different aspects of mankind and their philosophies....

    For instance what made Moby Dick a classic? Not because of the whale hunting or the lame filler chapters about whale information...but it gave insight on life on a whaling ship and more importantly had a moral. Captain Ahab was a tool for this moral. "Let sleeping dogs lie and don't get revenge on anything or anyone, especially nature, because if you fight nature and try to get revenge on it for the loss of even PART of your life, then you'd lose ALL of your life."
  8. street shaman:
    Street shaman is a character class in the fantasy-cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun....

    Shadowrun is set in an alternat future of the 2050s and 60's decades after a natural event caused the world to be "Awakened" and magical powers started to manifest in the world. Also many (but not all) regular human beings and animals started going through what was eventually called "Unexplained Genetic Expression" or UGE for short and the first ones that had the UGE suddenly with some event kinda like how the mutants in X-Men get their powers, they changed from humans into trolls, dwarves, or Orcs....

    Also to keep things simple, the UGE also has a doesn't matter what race(s) the parents of a person are, that person could be of a third different race, like for instance a dwarven dad and orkish mother could have an elf for offspring...

    Anway a street shaman is an "Awakened" person that follows the Shamanic tradition but is more comfortable using magical abilities in an urban setting.
  9. tribal shaman:
    See #8, take that, and think "a shaman that is more comfortable using magic in wide open spaces."
  10. Ë£ƒ:
    I saw this wierd interest in a random journal that posted this interest as a link that when clicked, put the interest on the clickee's interest list.

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