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I can't believe some people....

I was defriended by someone on my list just because I put a "narrow minded" comment on the meme.... here's the thread that came before my recent reply that I'm posting below....

How come it is that everyone else but Christians can be "open minded"? Why is it that Christians are always "narrow minded"?

I may not be good word wise in describing what I'm thinking now but why is that? Why is it that if you're not Christian or even an extremely weak one, you're cool and okay and open minded and accepting....

...but when one at least tries to be even a little devout and says "Jesus said that He is the only way" and that "Homosexuality is wrong..." and starts quoting scripture about it and saying that "God hates the sin and not the sinner" then that person is called "narrow minded" especially when I said that Buddhists and Taoists need Jesus??

Another thing is that why is it that when someone is respected and yet when that someone voices a Christian comment/opinion, then the person is narrow minded and intolerant? Christianity is actually quite tolerant especially compared to other belief systems such as North Korea's Juche, Islam, Communism.... Yes, Ismlam is intolerant...pure Islam is. They prclaim that "If you believe in any other god than Allah, then you must die."

Yet Christianity is being attacked and ridiculed because it's not "open" and is accused of forcing that belief down other people's throats...I didn't try to force intentionally anything....but I think it's more like the "There is only one God and there's none other, and there's only One Way" thing that is being attacked. All others with few exceptions are like "You can worship our way but it's okay to worship other ways" like Buddhists and Taoists and Shintoist who all intermingle their beliefs with each other b/c they believe you can practice more than one religion.

Anyway if I had hurt you, then I appologize and am sorry that you feel you have to remove me. :(

I wasn't even trying to be stereotypical or demeaning...what about needing Jesus is demeaning? He is such a cool guy.
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