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hey guys....this is neat....

anyway some of you know of it already but there's a filtered post coming up.

Guess what Sherri and I did tonight?

Sherri: hey sweetie
dragonmerc: what's wrong?
Sherri: nothing
Sherri: i was away from the puter
Sherri: i didn't see your im.
dragonmerc: oh LOL
dragonmerc: did you miss me?
Sherri: yeah. i'm not totally done cleaning but i wanted to get on and say hi
dragonmerc: I love you so much
Sherri has started viewing your webcam.

Sherri: aww, sweetie, i love you
dragonmerc: I love you more
Sherri: awww, sweetie. i don' t want to fight with you about that
dragonmerc: awwwwww....
dragonmerc: Lord Jesus, here not only my prayer but our prayer that all the obstacles in our way are taken care of by You and that we shall stay strong in our relationship. Keep us focused on You and Your Word and that anything currently in our way is currently being taken care of by You.
dragonmerc: Guide us into fellowship with You. For with You all things are possible and everything is perfect.
dragonmerc: now do we have an Amen?
dragonmerc: Amen
Sherri: Amen
dragonmerc: :D
dragonmerc: did you pray it too?
Sherri: yes
dragonmerc: awww
Sherri Moe: :)
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