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last duty.....

my last duty before the RETCON (retroactive continuity) is to call an old family friend in PA that I haven't contacted since my email crash or even since the early days of when I was with my ex-gf and catch her up on things and tell her grandpa died, since she had met grandpa before.

Don't worry I am not chickening out of the retconning. The truth will be told, with conditions...I'll make sure mom WILL NOT talk too much about my ex-gf's marriage to her Mexican husband especially in a real or imagined way that implies the message of "Hahahahahahahaha my son got dumped for a Mexican" or whatever.

Also I wouldn't hear of her saying something that puts down Sheila either.

In other words I think I am meaning "If mom must mention it, mention it once to the person, don't harp on it or bring it up EVER AGAIN!"