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The truth is finally told.....

it was kinda not pretty but what can be expected...especially when I was kinda drunk at the time....


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Oct. 30th, 2005 02:21 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 2nd, 2005 03:58 am (UTC)
I told her that I had something to say but only when I've been sobered up but she made me say so I said it angry, bitter, hateful and I ended up yelling it...how Sheila the ex married "a filthy dirty spic" and I didn't hear the words "I promise" though I preceeded all of that with "I want to make sure you promise to not be like 'hahahahahahaha my son gets dumped by women and they go out with Mexicans' or to badmouth Sheila in any way" and she only said that she never did badmouth her....

and then after saying that I somehow went into how I was thinking of changing churches since Trinity Lutheran was full of "...married people, old farts, and jailbait (people under 18) and not enough people my age or college age." and that the only two that are closest to my age, one only wants to remain friends, the other I tried to ask out on a date about a year ago and she eventually told me she was too busy in school and stuff and now I saw her with this guy from a few cities over that she met OVER THE INTERNET and how it wasn't fair that it would work for her and not for me.

And then worst (???) of all, I told my mom, "Here's what I think of Brenda Begitske, Jennifer Story, and Trinity Lutheran Church" and I showed both middle fingers.

And then I said something like "Oh, btw, you remember Sherri? the one I talk to alot on the phone and on the computer? She's my gf!!! And she's BLACK!!"
Nov. 3rd, 2005 02:19 am (UTC)
The Truth..

It is good you got things off of your chest, I am only sad to know that you found yourself drinking again, not to mention acting as you did. The past is simply not going to go away, which is sad but true, yet...at the same time, it is something that should be reflected on. I do hope in time you will learn not to be so venomous about the past. *Blushes* Then again, that is something I too need to work on. Maybe us two as friends can help one another with that, okay?

Otherwise, It is good that you are not one to care too much when it comes to interacial relationships. After all, all man was made in God's image. Not just one certain people. So we all are beautiful in His eyes.

Also please keep in mind that although I may not be online very often and may not post as often as I would like within my journal, that you can always share your thoughts, feelings, as well as rants and blessings with me via e-mail or through chat. Which ever it may be.

God Bless


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