Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak


is any one still running Windows98?

Recently NAV ran and claimed it caught a virus on the file csrss.exe and I tried to take the virus out but it wouldn't repair or anything, the only thing it could do is delete the whole file.  But when I reboot the system gives me a bunch of messages saying that it is needed and is missing and stuff and some stuff might not work right.

This afternoon when my uncle was trying to fix the networking (and now both computers are back to sharing internet only again and nothing else) he said that the csrss.exe is also needed for the networking somehow.

So just in case, if anyone on my FL is using either SP1 or 2 of Win98, could you comment and either we can transfer on YIM or MSN or just send me the file?  Just to be safe I would welcome the file from either service pack if possible.

I asked a few people that I thought might have it but Sherri says she can't find it and another friend actually isn't running 98.

I tried the copy on my Dell but that added a message saying something about it not being the same version or being from the same version of Windows and please upgrade the OS.
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