Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

**sigh** (idiot)

Okay I need a little help.... I made a mistake that is largely my fault. I was wanting a device, namely a mp3 player, to back up the only files that aren't backed up on my steadily ancient computer (that doesn't have a CD-RW drive, hence I had backed up most of my irreplaceable on loads of floppies)....I did that because my computer crashed two or three times 2.5 years ago after having Best Buy back up the HD, and restore Windows because the MS Works that came with it became corrupt (I couldn't get Works back without formatting and restoring Windows I had them backup and had a struggle trying to get them to load everything back on)

Anyway I have been having light arguments with my mom over getting a CD-RW because she thinks that either we downloaded something that had/has a bug that made the computer crash 2-3 times...or the techs did something....and that if we backed up even some files to CD as backups even to transfer to a new computer, that we'd be introducing bugs into a new system....or back into the same system if we have to ship off to HP/Compaq....

So anyway FINALLY to my question....I am a disabled student...and tonight w/ only one hour in Best Buy (mom and I were there trying to replace a mouse that I broke and I was shopping for an mp3 too) I kinda felt rushed and didn't ask one very necessary question....because I only saw the Rio's and no other player...and that was "Since I'm planning to use this also as a backup device, could I transfer the files from the device back to a computer??"

Well I read in an old mp3 book that mentioned the Rio's that I can't unless I go to download RioGeo....BUT...I went to the page and it's not there!!! Where do I go to download the software to transfer back to computer???
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