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This is ticking me OFFFF!!!!!

How many people out there on my list have any horror stories about movies and TV series now being released on DOUBLE SIDED DVD's????

My horror STORIES began with Sliders Season Three!  At first I thought "This is strange, there are no labels." and then I started watching them without thinking that there's stuff on BOTH sides.

BTW, I got the first copy at Sam's Club...yes!!!  the FIRST copy of the third season!!!

After watching through the first disk with no problems, I discovered on disk 2 about the double sided thing so then I went back and watched the other side of disk 1, then watched "disk 2 side B"....

I got allllll the way to the beginning of "Exodus part 1," which for those that haven't seen the show, is the episode where the characters travel to the parallel Earth where pulsar fragments threaten to kill all life on the planet with radiation and Professor Arturo is killed off.

Then the DVD starts to skip!!! and I cleaned it AND the DVD player several ways from Sunday and it STILL skipped (and yea I've played a few of those double sided things since then and THEY skip, in fact there's been TWO MOVIES that mom and I rented that we had to RETURN AND SWITCH OUT because they skipped like hell!!)

Anyway I took it back to Sam's Club, and couldn't find another copy!  Since I bought it using the Walmart Card, I got a little flustered about how to handle it, mom wasn't there and I didn't think of paging her so I had the ladies give me a gift card refund.

So then I went to the Walmart we usually go to, especially since I remember seeing them have a copy or two, only to see they don't have any more.  I had someone call around, no luck.

So I went home, went to the website and searched, and ordered it online.  I got it and after two months of trying to get through the season....

I mean...I was trying to get through by watching it from the A side of disk 2 problems with disk 2 at all....and then we had me watching it off and on, me watching it on the popping it out of the computer because *me in my "mocking mom" voice* "I don't like leaving CDs and DVDs in the computer" and me getting paranoid now about having no one else but me touching my Sliders Season Three...

and then the once or twice times that I came home on a Thursday to find it being popped out of the living room player because our friend's daughter just HAD to watch a movie....

So we had at least a few weeks where I watch, stop watching, start, stop, start, stop....pop in, pop out, pop in, pop out...and then for a while until now I had stopped watching....


I looked on the receipt I still have and it says CD's DVDs audiotapes video games and software must be returned unopened.

(though elsewhere it says that "if you were sent an incorrect, damaged or defective product we can either replace the exact item for you or issue a refund....etc")

This just ticks me off!!!

I'm open for anyone to buy this though I doubt anyone would want it....

I mean I will take a gamble because a few years ago I had problems with the Special Edition of Fellowship of the Ring and my co-worker told me he had a type of DVD player that had some type of tilting head thingie or whatever the lazer thing is called that tilts whenever a scratch or something is "hit" and prevents the DVD from skipping and/or I sold him that copy and went and bought a new one that works way better.

It just makes me SO SICK!!! that 1) the industry is, I guess, starting to insist that the movies be released on DVD like this or that people are starting to think "It's oh so cool!!!" to release movies to DVD like this to release more information on a disk than before....and 2) that we have to be so careful now because these damned things we don't know if it's us or if they come like this, we'd have to be careful on handling it, how it's touched, how we put them in the tray, that we don't even leave the containers open to the elements out of fear that the exposed side would get DUST or any other particle on it....

and it's harder when someone in the house SMOKES!!!!!!!  And cats....damned cats!!!!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR wasted $45. on this crap only to have still the same old crap on a different disk!!!
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