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Pardon my French but.....

(not a slam against Bush but against what he did that was recently revealed)

If the Supreme Court does find his Domestic Spying thing illegal I'll be laughing my ass off at him and every idiot and asshole (more so at MY MOM) that supports what he did!!

No matter what my mom blindly believes about it and then takes the tack of "That's it that's all I'm not listening to anything more" or in short, saying "I'm watching the news now..." the point is this...

It DOESN'T MATTER HOW WELL INTENDED Bush was, it doesn't matter if he "only wanted to do this to look at suspected terrorists without violating civil liberties".....

Bush set a precedent!!!! If this becomes permanent then what's NOT to say that the govt won't be corrupt enough to overturn the civil liberty safeguards in order to search for more "suspected terrorists"???

Like I said, if the Supreme Court overturns, then I'll be laughing my ass off at morons like my mom!

...at fascist assholes like my mom.....


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Dec. 28th, 2005 02:08 am (UTC)
You cannot call your mother a fascist. No matter what you think of her, its just not right.
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