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crossposted from email....

I feel that what I'm sending has the flavor of being able to be crossposted to LJ and FCF eventually since as I'm typing it, it does also sound like a LJ post and also something that closely seems like a prayer request.....
I'm sending this around a few places....

I'm going to have to bite it and go ahead and recharge the card over the phone to call Jodielynn and tell her about this too.  If she's unable to help me even now, then my next plan of action is trying to talk to Mike and Betty and see if they could help me (especially since they are retired) and if not then I'll just pray that mom isn't really serious about it.

This evening I brought my latest Magic precon deck to tweak it with cards from boosters (after being told last Friday that I need a few more "Last Gasps" and then seeing a few more cards that might be userful, and also remembering more advice of having more red lands, etc) and right after seeing some small Narnia documentaries I took my deck and cards out of my pockets and started tweaking, then mom came and sat down and told me something to the effect of "Those things have no business in church."  So I put them up and then went out thinking "I can tweak this somewhere else then" so she comes out of the one room later and sees me and was like "I thought I asked to put them up?" so I made some comment of being condescending and snobby and asked if the air is cleaner with her nose "up there"?

So I took up all that I had out already and gently shoved them back in my pockets and then while I was doing that, she went in and got my day planners and came back out and we had a little argument in the parking lot.

I'm probably one of the few in FCF that doesn't find anything wrong with Magic the Gathering, I only see it as a math and strategy heavy card game that has a sword and sorcery story motif build around it...I saw mom's reaction more like the "hostile" (??) reaction she had when she picked me up at Mini-Con and was talking about how I shouldn't have been there because of what she saw earlier when she popped in to see if I was ready, said that no Christian should be at a con like that since there were so many Goths and the appearance of the characters that the people were cosplaying as.  I even brought up Narnia and said that if this is what you are so against, me bringing my Magic cards to Midweek then what were we all doing in there watching Narnia documentaries and promoting Narnia?  I even have a hard time with mom saying that she didn't know much of the movie and books when on the screen there was clips shown of the large battle and there were LOTR type creatures in it and magic being used.

She even started in with wanting to get Pastor involved but in a way like I was still a little kid or more like brain damaged or mentally challenged than emotionally challenged and I started to walk home saying I'm not on your leash, I am not your DOG!!!  So she threatened to move me out and find me an apartment so I told her "fine let's go down to Austin then and we can find one there!"

By then I had calmed down enough to let mom try and find one of the pastors and I was with her and we didn't find any that were unoccupied so we went to get in the car and go...but then one of our old friends saw us and wished happy new year and stuff and mom said that it didn't start that way and I got in the car and them two talked and I felt I needed to say something more so I got out long enough to flash my right wrist and say "Oh btw, I'd rather start cutting that live one minute on my own in this godforsaken state!"

As of right now I'm going down my list that I wrote while I waited on mom in the car, in case she's serious.  Typing this out in email and in LJ to post/send it is one of them, copying it to FCF is in a way another since it's "contacting Chette"...also sending it to Sherri so there's at least two ways she'll know what went on too.  I have 2-3 things left to do.

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