Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

don't worry people....

the Keller Maquis Cell is on Yellow Alert.

the move will happen but like I said before there are things that need to be taken care of before and research to be done.  Not only that but now there needs to be consideration for now more than one reason how am I going to get the resources to get myself a laptop.

I already looked at a few on Dell website...

Anyway the reason other than not really wanting to downgrade back to Ginta (age of hardware -- and software -- and being spoiled by Tsutomu's better speed and all) when I move is that I read a news article online about Micro$oft releasing Windoze Vista later this year.

I just wouldn't like going into a totally alien OS especially when mom and I upgraded to XP when buying Tsutomu, suddenly a few programs don't work. :P (ya think?  LOL when the older ones shell to DOS?...DOOM worked but the screen was screwy, even the new copy I got with DOOM, DOOM II and Final DOOM was screwy before I tweaked the compatibility a bit)...

...also when I tried to run Streets of Sim City on this one, it wouldn't really play actually played the worst (other than Sim Copter which wouldn't load at all...and Witchhaven...) on Streets the NPC cars hopped all over the place and you can't hit them with weapons and that's almost more than half the fun of Streets of Sim load all these weapons on your car and go around and shoot other cars up in SC2000 cities.

Of course there are "storyline" mission things and ones that involve blowing up places and racing the clock but still the player would love to blow away other cars.

Anyway I just don't want to go into Windoze Vista when it's squeaky clean off the Washington labs and not know what runs on it.

Mom seems to claim when I told her that I have nothing to worry about and that I can request to have Windoze XP on my laptop when I order it and that I can order any OS I want b/c there was a choice between XP and Media Center and I just thought "That's because they were released at the virtual same time!  By your logic I could also go in and request on my Dell order that it comes shipped with Windoze 3.1 then!!"

I think it's just safer if I order one and just convince mom to....take it out of....somewhere (what?  do you think I would type out my finances for everyone to see?) before the first half of the year is through.  That way I can have something that I can definately run The Sims Online on as well as the IM programs and Juno and stuff.

Again, the Keller Maquis Cell is on Yellow Alert.....
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