Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Too good to hide.... :P

MINI CON 5.....IS ON!!!!!

*grumbles* too bad it's not in Broken Arrow this time but yet, the community center is starting to be a b**ch, they posted a note recently saying they are going to have new hours and I only noticed that on the weekend they would be open Sat 1-5 PM and Sunday closed and I completely forgot how last Mini-Con went on for....

Anyway I don't see any hours as of yet but otherwise since the last Con took up practically the whole convention center in BA, I don't see any reason why (other than being told in the Yahoogroup that the people running the center sucked or the center itself sucked) the Con couldn't be held there and not be confined by any change of hours either.

And it's only one day...well wait...the last one was for one day too it looks like after looking at my hanging tag.

No guests or anything mentioned at the moment.
Tags: cynthia martinez, cynthia martinez multiverse, mini-con, voice actresses
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