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finally update....

Nay Sroka got the manuals. :D She was like "Wow these files are a lot to read."

Anyway there's an update on Mini Con, not much but there is some possibility of Cynthia and Luci returning. elymsherri wants me to get a picture of myself between them if they do come. I think I got her more interested slightly in anime but then again it could be just her wanting a picture of me. :P hahaha

Anyway I've just gotten a photobucket to have a place for my pictures other than my old webpages that I neglect to update anymore other than to upload the once in a very great while thing to link. I did it to post a pic of myself in FCF b/c of people there wanting to see a much better picture of myself than my grainy senior pic. I just didn't want to link them to my LJ b/c I do know I have that pic of me that I took with the webcam on my LJ.

While I did that, I uploaded pictures of my properties and the one property I'm a roomie on. Catching up on stuff that is cool.

Three of them are New Year Eve pictures from all three houses showing the special party favors for the occasion...they are giant top hats with a glowball falling down a pole on them. Every ten minutes they went off and the sims on lot would then be able to click on them and dance and clap and do things like kiss each other.

In the Mount Fuji lot, the one I'm a roommate in, I did printscreen earlier when I was the only one on the lot and I had all 5 of my pets out running around and I had a picture I think of them with me while the ball was going down and I was saying happy new year and crying because no one was in the city because a lot of cities are becoming ghost towns, sadly, people either getting very bored with just skilling at skill houses since it takes a long time to get to a skill point goal (especially since the speed slows down the more points in a skill you get) and there's people that set up their sim skilling and they leave the keyboard and never talk or anything.

Then there's the shops where the shopkeepers set up all the clothes racks and set all the things they want to sell up to sell, and then go hide underneath an object to keep their sim from timing out and therefore keeping the house open to make a profit while they go do something else so they won't sit on their butts doing nothing but watching their sim sit around doing almost nothing since apparently in a shop people come and buy stuff and leave, kinda like commerce in the Klingon Empire (ala "Buy or die!!")

Then there's the money houses where people come, they go to the non-group objects to do their thing, whether it's jam tables or potion tables, etc and just go AFK and come back to check if their sim is done with the item so they can sell the item and move to the next one.

So yeah it becomes quite boring when all you do is wait to get to a certain point, or just hang around to make money...or go to a money house to make stuff in order to say "I'm cashing out" and having the owner or roommate pay the visitor so many simoleons per item made.

But I'm not bored...not THAT bored to leave. People don't realize that the game is as boring as they make it. Yes, lately I've had the problem of logging late at night because recently I've been caught up in surfing during the day and checking mail, etc or even chatting...and the problem is that I try hard to stay up and do like 20 jams or whatever object and I know that I would be able to do it...but I then wake up from actually dozing and then I've timed out and log back in...and then the house I was at actually CLOSED for the night while I was sleeping.

I mean I get ticked at myself for amassing like 10 sold jams, wake up from sleeping in between jams to realize I timed out...come back on and the house shut down for the night, and getting no payout.

but that's not the thing....I don't get bored...I go on for the challenge of the making money and finding the magic formula of getting a lot of people to visit me and making new friends and trying to keep the ones I already have. I wanna see a lot of green circles on my friend web. I want to have fun with people that I have friended ever since joining a city. It breaks my heart when they actually do leave for Second Life or World of Warcraft or City of Heroes/Villains just because it's suddently boring to log on and visit houses operated by bots and populated by AFK-ers.

Though in a way I see their point because I think part of their point is that "Why pay $9.99 a month for an online version of a successful franchise when I can either boot up my copy of Original Sims with however many expansion packs I have on it, or a copy of Sims 2 with 1-3 expansions installed on it and get almost the same thing?" (though whenever visitors do visit a house, they don't go AFK :P)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

This next one is a picture of the AV house when I had a sim "daughter's" $1M that she gave me because her mom lets her play for a few months, then unsubscribes and then a few months later, I have been using the money to do payouts, I made the mistake of thinking I could handle $2k payouts and then put a 20 item max on things but that didn't help so I'm now currently trying to get half of it for when she returns and enough to do some payouts but now I lowered the payout info to $1k per object, 10 limit.

Image hosting by Photobucket</lj-cut
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