Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

computer problems....

I've had computer problems this past week. Last Sunday I checked mail and then went to pull up spreadsheets to leave them up for later to adjust. I pulled up one and then when I pulled up the other I got a bunch of blue screens and then when I decided to reboot, I got the list (Normal Mode, Safe Mode, etc) and a message saying that the registry has problems and to run scanreg. HIMEM, EMM386, and a few other system files were missing and when I did go against what it said and picked Normal Mode, It said that it couldn't find WIN.COM.

Mom and I took it up Monday to "our tech" at Best Buy and gained a tech or two more we can "trust" and by Wednesday we learned that they did transfer the HD to "their" computer but they couldn't transfer it all back. Brian the manager said that he thinks that Tony couldn't keep the Windows files he copied over so they were lost but AFAHK, my mail and my mp3s and Sims families were safely back. We got home and did stuff with sister and the kids, came back and I took a look and...

NO SIMS, NO MP3S!!!!!!!!!

Mom talked with him today and he insists they are still there and told us how to find them but when I did it, I still couldn't find them.

I plan on talking to him soon and see if he could extract the old houses from the 11 CD-R backups done about two years ago during THOSE crashes (I wouldn't care that much about lost progress but would be very pissed about losing ALL my families)

but if it can't be possible, what p2p software should I use now to try and find the mp3s I once downloaded off of Napster?

Kazaalite? Gnutella? Morpheous? What????
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