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Guess what????

Last night mom and I were in Walmart getting stuff...going down the aisle with the Chinese, I saw next to the Chinese............

*static* "Houston....we have POCKY!!!!!!!"


Anyway I got mixed up on my assignment. I forgot that it wasn't due until two weeks from now.

Getting close to ordering the laptop, designation: Lacus Gundam. I think that with the info I have now and the fact that my "magic pockets" could be spelunked down, that I could be able to up my budget to $2K. All I have to do is get the time to post to this forum that I got linked to, and plus go and splurge on a 512 MB pen drive to test out something I heard.

I heard that if there's a copy of a DSL (Damn Small Linux) OS on a big enough USB pen drive, that it could be bootable inside of Windows providing enough RAM. I'm not sure if Tsutomu would be able to do it since it was purchased in 2003 but if not then I wonder if the school network could handle it?

All I need is 1 GB RAM.

Anyway I have to go get pop. And now getting back to an old standby, my ending catchphrase, the KMC cry.....

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