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well Meer explains it all...

okay since my Pocky alert there's been a bunch of news.

First it appears that this month is no different, I had planned on posting more but now have posted the fewest times this month than ever.  What's wrong with me that I have problems posting anymore?  Sims Online really sucked out my brain.  I'm a zombie!

My time in hotseat at FCF has only one day (today) left on it, elymsherri only posted once to ask her small group of questions...backfired!  Did try to get her to post more on LJ but she hasn't since turn of the year....

And speaking of my new gf...the last time we talked on the phone I told her that my federal refund came in the mail last Saturday but was keeping it a secret because I was anticipating the worst again, that mom would argue with me about it; I thought first insisting on her suggestions of what to do with it, then saying her usual crap about "You don't know who you meet on the internet, etc etc" (yeah she could possibly have forgotten that Sherri's 24 but still she also could have been thinking that she's a 16 yo posing as a 24 yo cop posing as a 16 yo trying to trap peds which I'm not); .....

also she doesn't...particularly agree...with black+white.  I know it's a product of her generation but still that's no excuse.  Part of her view makes her sound like a Nazi or KKK though.  I try to enlighten her as to what I've read on the Answers in Genesis website but, for instance, I told her the first time she started talking about her secret disagreement with mixed relationships and then later on, after I showed her the Valentine I received from Sherri with the picture, she talked to me about the same thing again!!!  Grrrrr!!!!  and then she added stuff to it like stuff that's she essentially said that not only does she disagree with white+black mixing but with all interracial relationships and gave the Indians as an example because she claims that when the "white man" came over and interacted, they interbred over the years with Indians and these days there's very few 100% full blood Indians and that now the racial purity is no more.

Yet she married my late father who had Delaware Indian in him.  Though I can see where that didn't bother her since it didn't bother Hitler that he wasn't really "Aryan" either. :P

Anyway....(she didn't even pay any attention to the fact that we all came from Adam and Eve anyway...go figure)...Sherri told me last time we talked on the phone that she was going to have a tough week since last Friday she had a long day that ended in a parent/teacher meeting because her class in Headstart was taking in a new kid that is apparently a problem child.  She told me that she would be having to get to bed early and would hardly have any time for the phone and now I know she was that serious since I've tried to call a few times during the week and didn't talk to her but have left messages.  I talked to Danny first at work  because I wanted to see first if I could get away with getting a vacation to visit Sherri because of one of the many things he implemented since he became manager.

Things went well with Danny but I was so nervous and wound up expecting him to say no that I had a headache, not the typical one I usually have behind one or the other (or both) eye but one at the BACK of the head.  Like I told Renee misfortunedfool, I felt like I was getting a warning of sorts that I was almost having an aneurysm.  So I chose not to tell mom that night about my decision, still anticipating an argument and obviously I didn't feel like slugging it out verbally with anyone, so I waited until the ride to work the next day, Wed morning.

Things went better than expected too but she apparently is or is still in DENIAL that Sherri and I are an item because the talk about me wanting to fly to visit Sherri, mom thinks is me wanting to travel out of state to just get away and just visit someplace I've never been and since I showed her the findings I had on Travelocity, she also though I was going to Austin which I've told her isn't the case since San Marcos only has a private airfield and the closest commercial airfield is in Austin and that Sherri is picking me up.

Anyway I'm sorry for having this entry so disjointed, I should get to bed...I mean I know that somewhere along the line I jumped into the middle of telling about me planning to fly to visit Sherri in a way that would leave you all thinking "WHAT'S HE TALKING ABOUT???" until I explain that I was going to visit her, but I frankly don't know how to correct how I typed it.  I'm getting sloppy.

It's because maybe I'm sad.

I should be happy but a week without talking with my sweet flower...I think this is a time where it hits that I have found love again.

Then can I love when I'm paranoid...?  There's this one conversation when she mentioned that she went out shopping with a friend and I started teasing her about the gender of her friend and she said it was a guy friend.  So I started getting paranoid that she was cheating on me since you know, "what goes around comes around" and stuff, but she reassured me that it wasn't like that and yet later on after her usual a little after midnight, she calls em up, she couldn't sleep because she was upset that I could have thought she was cheating on me.

Then one of the times I did try to call this past week, I did hear the phone pick up, I know I remember hearing it, and heard it hang up.  I know I heard it because after it happened the phone card automation said "The person you called is no longer on the line."  What's the deal? :(

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