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DAMN people!!!

what's the deal? Sorry for sounding know what...but damn the Arabs....

$2.35......TO $2.49!!!!!

Yet another reason why I want OUT of America's Unflushed Toilet so I can live somewhere smaller than where I am now with a more efficient bus system so maybe I won't have to worry that much abot this.

But yet there's inflation on other stuff too and I hope that I don't have to do what I do with the Wal-Mart toilet paper and with it at $1.15 instead of $0.96 I give myself the choice between "rather cut myself than pay more than $0.96" or using my tips to buy it ("make my customers buy it").

So I hope that if it does eventually get to $3. a gallon again and if it does inflate everything else, that it won't be too much and cross my threshholds or there would be A LOT of things that I would say "I'd rather kill myself than buy at that price." because just because they go to that price doesn't mean that I have to deal with it!!!
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