Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

been a busy week...

Well today's supposed to be the day but yet I would have to wait until Monday....

Sherri started talking to me again (sounds bad but it's the only way I think of to word it now LOL), the first time was after I got home Wed and saw an IM from her saying she had a bad day so I called because she asked, and helped her feel better. Some random gals called her a b**ch.

She still hasn't made a decision but something tells me now that this is all because she's nervous about meeting me in person. She says that she still loves and cares for me a lot but yet she still has doubts, even though they are less than what they were two weeks ago. However I think that she is nervous and worried about how it would be like once we see how we interact in person and how I am in person with her and with others. Maybe her past boyfriends weren't as sweet or kind like me or as thoughtful, I dunno. I don't know why I just put that because that just sounds arrogant and proud.

I think I have changed within the past few weeks too but just a little.

Another phone talk entails the trip I'm taking, Sherri wants me to hold off until June and we talked a little bit and again I'd have to wait until she gets back from seeing her mom and other family for Easter to make more arrangements especially with the change in plans. I'm now thinking of convincing her to think about May again because 1) S³ hit my red button again by jumping up to $2.69 and then going back down to $2.59 (Psycho Shell Station -- I know that "Psycho" doesn't start with S but it sounds like it and this is a cool way to abbreviate it); 2) in a connected story on the TV news, I was reminded that hurricane season starts in June and I just remember there was some sort of thing that was supposed to happen during hurricane least some price goes up right? Like air fare??

I just don't think that it would be a good idea for me to go by plane anywhere during hurricane season especially since the Twin B**ches last year. Sherri went away and moved her furniture around because she was afraid "B**ch #1" (Katrina) might have survived intact if it moved in as far as San Marcos/Austin.

I'm currently also on the ball again trying to resolve my USB drive project in trying to jimmy it to emulate a Hikarunix boot inside of Windows XP using Qemu. I think I shall give myself until the end of the month trying to get it to work and if not, I'll post to Notebook Review forums at the end of the month, and give what I want in a laptop and add that I would want there to be an empty partition to install Hikarunix into.

And that leads me into the "Wile E Coyote" section....

I had a "Wile E Coyote" moment a few days ago, I decided that since I'm only going to be here for slightly over a year (that's the plan) which means that not only would I be changing banks (because I can't live on out of state bank accounts haha), I'd also be changing debit cards as well and so I'd much rather not have much to Juno is connected up to my debit, my TSO charge to my debit, now I connected LJ up to my debit since automatic payments are cheaper than paying by mailing a check.

So I thought, "If I'm EVER going to try out Matrix Online, I have to try it out only for a few months NOW!"

I go through the user unfriendly way of getting things done before I figured out the order of these things...unfortunately, Sony Online group doesn't offer the software for free like EA does for TSO. Anyway I bought the download, downloaded the software, got the activation code (which is where the figuring out the order of things came in) then went to billing and filled out the things.

So I brought up the installer/updater/log-on thing and let it finish pulling the rest of the game. When it finished I got as far as the 3 servers to choose from and I got an error message "The file client.dll cannot be set up properly. No available render modes were detected. The program is now shutting down."

So I went to the forums (which I couldn't log into and post unless I was a game subscriber) and posted my program, then for some reason I thought of going back to the specifications and then....


I know I have three out off all of these

This is a different place than what I went back to but I remember that page listing NVIDIA GEForce but also saying "EXCEPT MX type"

I have 255 MB memory, 64% utilized, and....

800 X 600 in 64k colors, NVIDIA GEForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X.

I explained on the forum post that I did notice that after the post and that I would wait until I get my laptop and just "throw away" the one month free and possibly 2 subscribed months just so I could play MxO on the laptop and I plan on doing just this even though I was caveat-ed that the game has marginal laptop support as well. I just want to try to get something out of the game since I did pay $20. to download the program and since 1) there's no free download like there is for TSO [I think it was a free download when I joined that game, I don't remember paying any other charge other than $9.99 a month], and 2) accounts requilre an activation code to be activated, I'm just half scared to scrub my account until my laptop comes in and try to rejoin only to be told by the system that essentially I can't do a new account because my code has already been used and I would need to buy a new copy.

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