Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Well the one Shell station wasn't delusional this time....

Everyone else went up too.

And I probably would have to choose between two decisions that are unpopular when it comes down to sacrificing, either quit reading Shojo Beat or starting to order the Shojo Beat issues from off the website (in which case I might as well save myself the money and subscribe since ordering each issue from the website is obcene! I know because one month I went up to Barnes and Noble and discovered I got there at an "off time" where the next issue was already out and I was actually after the previous I bought that and got home and ordered the other issue...and I forgot the breakdown but it cost $12...yes, a hefty S&H fee).

What I meant is that because of my...problem...from last year with the debit card that I needed to put on my Paypal, going crazy getting those PDFs and miniatures from Battlecorps/Battleshop, I've been trying not to subscribe to Shojo Beat, but if I do decide to ride things out (that one country's deal with the nukes, the switch from that one summer formula to the Ethanol...) and still get Shojo Beat to continue reading "Baby and Me" (my most favorite of those stories) then I might as well break out the plastic and subscribe.

Save the gas and possibly some money too. And yes, I do like the others even though I half-heartedly enjoy "Nana," it's just that "Baby and Me" is my most favorite. I know what it's like to lose a parent tragically and have to grow up like that. It's cool how Takuya protects his little brother Minouru, who is just too cute!

I'd.....lean more toward.....quitting my kneejerk impulse to buy Newtype USA. *looks at Shojo Beat, $5.99; looks at Newtype USA, $12.98; but lookie....DVD...; looks back at Shojo Beat...*


And yeah I know that the prices are indeed higher in Cali, and up north, and in Europe.

BUT aside from Chicago and New York (and half the NE coast) where there's massive public transportation and Cali and their 1,001 extra formulas that the rest of the USA doesn't have to deal with; and Europe that isn't too ASHAMED AND EMBARRASED to use a lot of busses and trains to get places and less cars (hello America learn a lesson!!) I do have room to gripe.

All those things listed above do equal out those "higher than Tulsa" prices down to the $2.79 a gallon level.

And mom is wondering why I want to move and is possibly stupidly trying to keep me here? Having too much faith in the delusion that Tulsa Transit would give Broken Arrow better service?

I don't want to become like a human version of Lucky the Dog before that happens, I'm getting the Hell outta this state.
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