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Are all screws "lefty loosey"????

I have this battery operated thing that does this multicolor thing through this glass ball that sits on it that has these bubble type things in it to simulate the water prism effect and it also has the capability for nature sounds.

Anyway it's one of THOSE THINGS grrrr that has the lid to the battery compartment secured by a screw!! And I don't know how but the smallest screwdriver I have which I've been quite sure is small enough for the screws holding the door in, I guess for some reason WORE the star on the head of the screw! (yes it's a phillips screwdriver too in case you're wondering).

So now the batteries need recharging and I sit there "unscrew unscrew unscrew unscrew" and it's NOT COMING OUT... I take the magnifier glass and I notice the head was worn and I did some hand gymnastics to where I still hold the magnifier and hold the screwdriver straight up and unscrew at the same time and...

I SEEE the screw rotate but no matter how much patience I have with the screwdriver loosing the grip and how slowly the screw rotates...it's not getting any looser! :(


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Apr. 22nd, 2006 05:47 pm (UTC)
If the screw cross is worn, your screwdriver doesn't anymore have enough grip to be able to unscrew. I'd say either try with a different screwdriver (maybe a slightly bigger one? Or maybe a smaller one? Am not quite sure, so I'd say experiment carefully as you do not want to mess with the screw any more), or do what I'd do and go in a shop saying "I can't get it open, help!!!".
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