Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Yay!!! We finally have a first ethnic winner of Survivor.....

Finally either way it leans we now will have a member of one of television's so-called "underrepresented minories" as a winner of Survivor.

Several years ago we had the first Asian winner of Big Brother and now...let's just say that either way we will have the first Greco-Italian winner of Survivor! Go Aras the Greek!!! Go Danielle the beauty of Italian decent!! :D

The one thing that has always been stupid of the past few seasons, however is the whole "going back to the studio" thing....

I mean COME ON!! Why not just send the two back to the studio themselves instead of having all the Q and A and then making the big stupid show of goooooiiiiiing alllllllll theeeeee wayyyyyyy back to reveal the vote??? Either have the Q and A and the vote in one place or the other.... Oh well can't change that now can we?

edit: Well this is an improvement, it went straight to the studio...I'm glad it didn't show Jeff running to the copter, riding in the copter, landing on a skyscraper, going down the skyscraper, catching a cab, riding through New York, arriving at CBS studios, going, in, walking the halls, getting to the studio...blah blah blah BLECH...

Oh.....and....ARAS WON ARAS WON ARAS WON!!!!
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