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I am so steamed!!!!!

I only had short list for my birthday since I just about never ever do lists anymore since for one thing, what I would put down would be stuff that I can get myself.

Either that or it would be games and I know for a fact that my immediate family would go "You have enough games" or in the case of RPGs, "You have enough of that stuff and besides why get more stuff for games 'hardly anyone plays'?"

So whenever I DO make the rare request for birthday/Christmas guess what???? THEY NEVER BUY IT ANYWAY!!!!!!!!


I made the request a few Christmasses ago for Spirited Away and did say that it received a Grammy or Oscar or whatever thinking they would get it if they knew that it was good enough to get an award that "normal" movies get...but guess what? THEY DIDN'T GET IT!!! AND I HAD TO USE MONEY GRANDMA GAVE ME FOR CHRISTMAS TO GET IT WHICH IS BASICALLY THE SAME AS BUYING IT MY MALFING SELF!!!

So this year for my birthday I requested the Shinkai Collection and Princess Tutu volume 1..... I explained the best I can both of them to mom and my sister.... I even expected them that if they wanted to that they would go "halfsies" if they decide to go with the Shinkai Collection...

So a few weeks later the subject was brought up again and mom mentioned that she'd rather buy either locally rather than order online and pay S&H charge so we went to the mall to FYE store to see if they have a copy of either.

and I learn that they don't carry either one!!!

Then a few days later we go to Best Buy to see if they have it....THEY DON'T!!! Mom picked up volume 2 of Tutu and I'm like "Mom that would be like starting in the middle of the story."

So when the salesman that was helping me came back and said he couldn't find any in the backrooms, he gave us the phone number to a local anime store that has been advertising on radio and we called them....EVEN THEY DIDN'T HAVE EITHER ONE!! So mom ended up ordering and now two weeks later, and about 3-4 checkup calls later, including one when I talked to the manager.....


And mom....mom got fed up too, she extended her deadline to this week and if it hadn't came in then that's it she's going to spend her amount on clothes....


I AM MALFING SICK AND TIRED OF THIS S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And guess what? this is insult on top of injury since this week has been one of THE WORST I have had at work....heck my whole LIFE has been crapping out in my opinion. Ever since the breakup and (might as well throw a bone out to those that don't know) me wasting over $300 of my tax refund on a trip that didn't happen and Sherri dumping me at the same time and causing me to distrust her and stuff....

I have 1) been savagely LOSING at Magic the Gathering...never scoring even ONE match win, and in any of my 3 matches there would be ALWAYS ONE GAME WHERE I GET SLAUGHTERED WITHOUT EVEN SCORING A POINT AGAINST MY OPPONENT!!!!! HUMILIATING!!!!!!!!! I SUCK!!!!

2) At work things got so bad that they culminated into this past week when EVERY SINGLE MALFING DAY!!! I have had to stay AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER because we've been slammed so hard that I can't keep up and even when I DO have some help it's NEVER ENOUGH and I get out at a ridiculously late time!!!! I got so mad and upset at those stupid subhuman customers (and all of them are, and evil and greedy and impatient and gluttonous and....just NOT HUMAN!! THEY AREN'T HUMAN AND THEY DESERVE TO DIE!!!) that I come home and boot up Doom and imagine their faces on the monsters and I kill them all!!!

3) I forgot what this could be other than maybe include all the little mistakes like dropping things and stuff and a link to #2 in saying that I am starting to get into the Vs card game but yet knowing of my current record in the Magic tournaments that I would very likely SUCK at Vs too and lose terribly no matter how well I build my deck...

...just like Magic, no matter how well I try to build my deck, I'll never get into semis at the tournaments because I SUCK...I SUCK AT LIFE!! I should make a time machine and go back and make a temporal paradox of myself by somehow being there when I'm being delivered as a newborn baby and then taking the umbilical cord and abort myself!!!

However maybe I should be glad I can't do that because.....

....I just ordered both things on my wish list just now from Barnes and Noble!!

and I'm NOT going to accept clothes from mom....it may not be what I first want but if I knew beforehand that the first season of IGPX was coming out, I should have done things this way and have mom buy IGPX season 1 for my birthday!!

So now I'm going to do just that...have her buy it.

but my birthday still sucks in a way.


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May. 20th, 2006 09:49 pm (UTC)
Whoa man its just a birthday gift. Be happy they even thought to give you anything at all?
May. 20th, 2006 10:15 pm (UTC)
but it's frustrating that every year....

...it's like making it more obvious how they think of anime with or without the excuse of how much they can afford.

misfortunedfool knows the real reason why my sister couldn't have gotten me either one or have had difficulty getting even "Tutu" for me...even though she just got me a tshirt from Old Navy, of which I still think in my head, not outloud, "WTM??? How much does clothes at Old Navy cost again??? She could have bought me 'Tutu' with that money."

Mom hasn't really had a job-job in a few years, her excuse (whether or not it's the truth) is that since getting fired from the grocery store down the street when she wouldn't back down and take their abuse, she couldn't get a new job since of course, any employer would rather have you come in any old time the employer would like when one first starts out. Since Gatesway Foundation started phasing out their transportation department by first dropping service to their external clients, mom has had to be the one to take me to work and back....

...and I've been working mornings for years since when I first started college, I had morning classes since she used to work in the evenings...then that job let her go so I had to change to evening classes since at that time she became employed at this small housecleaning company ran by this married couple...it was around this time that somehow we got me onto the transportation service at Gatesway so it would be easier for us.

So now I'm in a routine of working five days a week and going to class at night (1-2 nights a week) now instead of having 1-2 classes on three days a week and coming into work in afternoons...and even then I wouldn't know how my current employer would behave if I did change back to daytime classes, whether he'd schedule me to come in at 12 or 12:30 and STILL work about 5 hours, or just not schedule me at all on MWF.

And in that case, since I'm used to this rut of working 5 days a week and now without any other way except for mom to get me to work and back, PLUS having 1-2 school nights that I still need mom to take me to the campus by 5:30 or sometimes 8:20.....she's saying not even Walmart would want to hire her since I'm essentially in the way of them giving her whatever hours they would want to give her.

Which is stupid because why bother having that area of the application for specifying what hours one is available to work when, if you're a new hire, they don't give a malf and would rather stick you wherever the malf they want to stick you and if you have something that majorly conflicts with that then....*waves hands* "bai bai"

So yeah all she has left is the "secret" few clients she has on the side or used to have on the side, that I think she still isn't reporting that income since it's so much hassle having to report every month sole proprietor taxes. I think for IRS purposes she is just reporting her stocks and that's it.

So yeah that's why she has mentioned trying to stretch things and what to afford. She also claims to want to try to quit smoking but yet in the past she tried but she's still buying them.
May. 20th, 2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
I understand the frustration of family doing stuff like that. For Christmas one year, I wanted a CD from a band in Australia. I gave my mom a website to go to that had it for a cheap price. Instead, she ordered it off of Amazon.COM because any other place would have been a 'hassle'. Ah well... I was just trying to save her money on that, but whatever.

I probably pimp this site more than I should, but you should check out http://www.sphiatt.com as far as Anime is concerned. You can get a 26-episode series box set for about $26, which isn't bad at all. You just need to pay attention to which sets are 'subs only' and which ones have dubbing in case you have a preference there, but it tends to save money in the long-run rather than buying each disc seperately. They have a 40% off sale until Monday if I'm not mistaken (I got Azumanga Diaoh because of that sale).

But yeah.... I never bother giving my family requests for ANime. I instead just ask for gift certificates and go buy my own Anime with it. I managed to get an Evangelion box set one year because of a Best Buy gift certificate they gave me... although when my parents asked what I got at Best Buy, I just said, "A Japanese DVD box set." and they thought I had spent the gift certificate on my (then) fiance :P I had to get it through their heads that no, it was something *I* wanted ;)

I also just usually ask my husband to get Anime for my birthday/Christmas.... which is basically moot because we both love Anime (talk about buying a gift with an alterior motive *smirks*)
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