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I have other things dancing at the edge of my mind, that I have trouble thinking of when I really need to and when I do, I am not here.

but anyway they could be written later....

I'm just sighing because all this waiting for the Mini-Con people to update their page or at least answer in the forum who the guests are going to be this Saturday (yes the con is THIS SATURDAY but yet no list of guests on their website or forum).

It is just as well that I didn't pay in advance since with trying to get a laptop and this financial advisor friend from mom's church poo poohed me taking money out of any nest eggs for the laptop, I just am squeamish about how I'd pay for anything to say "I was there."

Because I kinda knew this would happen since it appears that this year the convention was poorly planned in my eyes and all up in the air since last year and I've been hearing on the email list about how people didn't like how the Broken Arrow convention center treated the con...I've heard they were quite snobby about the con...and how the convention center people had their own real dislikes...and how now the convention center changed the hours to where having it there again probably wouldn't happen....

Well anyway after months of having the email list saying "there's going to be one this year" "it's just a rumor" "No it's such and such a date" "No way there's going to be one"....and then being surprised with not only a change of URL but also an actual date (albeit two months later than last year's was -- last year was April 4th, I think, and this year is June 3rd) pretty much figures that everything else was going downhill and that communication would slow to nonexistant.

Don't these guys know that some people don't go to the cons just to buy stuff and interact in events? I mean some do go to do the cosplay contests and take pictures of each other...others go to buy the plushies and the manga and the tshirts.... but for one thing, I have that deal with mom about the purging books if I buy more (which is why I have the manga magazines as an exception and as for the manga books themselves I sneak them in like any other book), for another thing, if I want an anime and save up for it, I do have a debit card and I can always go to the Barnes and Noble site and order my anime. Why buy anime at Mini-Con? It wouldn't be special. Buying a t-shirt that says "Anime: more expensive than crack" or one that has the current year's Mini-Con logo on it is more unique and special and can't be ordered online or bought in a shop...

(well the one non-con shirt, could be bought or ordered but where would I find one of them outsidie of Mini-Con?)

So yeah...other than going there and paying $10 to go in, kill time, take pictures of cosplayers, pictures of the contests, play games, watch anime, and buying t-shirts...there's no point in going...

Why you may ask????

Well I don't even know the reason why it happened this way but I called one of the sponsors of the convetion and they knew the guests for the convention. I don't even know why the website wasn't updated to list the guests (which again this year were only two).

I think the choice was made because of the timing of when the con was this year and also because I think they had major problems getting anyone else, much like any real voice actors/actresses....

The guests this year are Mercedes Lackey and her husband Larry Dixon...and their entry on Wikipedia says that they both live in the Tulsa area...

so....*SIGH...* that's why two fantasy authors end up as guests...AT AN ANIME CON!! because they both are LOCAL...

and I was hoping for Cynthia and when I read on the email list that she was going to another con this weekend, I was hoping that Luci Christian would come again anyway and possibly have (what's his face...) the guy that voiced Souske (sp) on Full Metal Panic and Fakir on Princess Tutu....Chris Patton!!! That's his name!!!!

I just am slightly disgusted...I know there must be some slight link between anime and a famous and well liked fantasy authorbut I just don't get it....
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