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WOW funeral ambush

This is very sad but at the same time...cool.... This WOW guild ambushes this memorial service put on by friends of this guy that died in real life.

*warning* one instance of the f-bomb, and the a-bomb at the end at least....the Misfits song has the g-d-bomb and the sob-bomb....



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Jun. 23rd, 2006 02:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I heard the news report on that over the radio a few months ago and viewed it on YouTube around that time.

Quite sad, but as someone pointed out before, they decided to have this memorial service in the middle of a Player-killer zone. I'm sure there are pretty settings in non-PK zones. Then again, I haven't played WOW more than a few minutes myself.

Perhaps it would have suited them to have some skilled players surround the memorial party to protect them from any ambushes. After all, I'm sure that several of these players could have held their own had they been on-guard...

I also found a nifty video on YouTube for a WoW wedding. It was *so* pretty! It's amazing how players will get together in these games for things like that :)
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