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heard something sad today....

A sizeable percentage of you on my f-list have read me mention from time to time that for a few reasons, I haven't had a dentist appointment for slightly over six years...

For the 18 years before that time, I had been going to the same dentist consistently up until the one main reason why I suddenly stopped...the crisis time when FASA Corp shuttered operations and before I learned that FanPro LLC took up the mantle of publishing and developing what would eventually be renamed as "Classic Battletech" and I was in a panic as to getting as much as I could possibly get on "that side of having my own credit/debit card or at least some way of ordering online" the materials.

Within this past year, I noticed the office where my dentist was (which recently expanded from "kiddie dentistry" with "grandfather" service to the most loyal patients to include adult dentistry as well) that it has a different dentist's name on the sign.

Until today I just thought "Well maybe Doc Harrington just moved his office somewhere else, cheaper rent or change of view...whatever."

My sister told my mom and I this evening...a coworker of hers that also uses the same dentist...met his wife at a grocery store the past week...

or rather I should say, the coworker dentist's widow.

I've seen Doc Harrington when he had lunch out at my work since 2000...and now I know he died last August...and to think that the last time I had an appointment with him was SIX YEARS ago???? and now I have to find a new one? and I probably have so much tartar buildup on my teeth that I have to trust some hackjob-assed sadistic dentist to scrape the crap out of my teeth so much...and trust him to NOT take my teeth out with the tartar?

I'm sad...but what's wrong with me? I'm not crying...I must be so broken...

I know I am broken...I am a broken person.

The next dentist I go to, I'll impliment two harsh rules: 1) if he dares even half-accidentally gank out a tooth while scraping or cleaning....HE DIES!! 2) if during the checkup the X-ray shows the situation is so bad I need a tooth out (heaven forbid!) He'd BETTER pump me so full of novocaine that I really won't feel a damn thing when he does it and not even see anything tike the tooth or blood come across my field of vision even IF it does!

And do a good enough job of it that even afterward, I STILL WON'T HAVE ANY PAIN.

or...he's still gonna die!

Well not really literally die...just gonna make sure he WISHES he was dead!

For I am Ultraman!
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