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since at least the past weekend I have had the wierd left ear canal blockage I usually get at least half a year where my left ear feels stopped up. That irritates me to no end to have the ear stopped up and having my hearing even slightly muffled. I've been Q-tipping and even lacing the cotton swab of one end with hydrogen peroxide and peroxide-ing the stuffings out of my left ear.

Now since the weekend, especially Sunday, something about it...I didn't have any ideas then but have a few now, I've had this sharp pain that registers every couple of seconds from besides my ear arching down it feels to the general area where my left wisdoms could be coming in. I feel the pain in my jaw too. I have taken aspirin in the night, it doesn't keep me up at night, and I think it is because I do take the aspirin that it mostly "takes a vacation" in the morning.

At first I was afraid of some massive cavity or a tooth death or something because of the long time I haven't been to the dentist...then mom suggested possibility of a wisdom, that possibly it could finally be cutting, however I do barely remember Doc Harrington telling me one time that there's a huge chance they could impact.

I'm so scared...I'm so scared, it hurts it HURTS...actually not that bad but it does interfere with my thinking and my speed a little and spiking my temp a bit and general discomfort and....

I read wikipedia and I'm scared and grossed out and most of you realize what has to be done if a wisdom has to be taken? a lot of gross stuff....including using gauss for about a day and being very careful about the open socket, and if I read correctly the socket would be left exposed FOR LIFE and it won't close back up and nothing would fill it and it'll look gross and I'll look UGLY and UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY and I'll have to keep it from bleeding too much and it'll be painful and it'll smell for two weeks who would want to be around me for two weeks with my mouth smelling like s**t????

Mom and I stopped by the place where Harrington's office used to be...apparently since up until his death, Harrington and his wife had talked about retiring, this is what we heard from my sister as well. So we got to the office to walk in and ask if this new guy has my records. We saw a sign saying the "...offices of Dr Deem and Dr Harrigton are moving..." and gave the address. I noticed that the office had already moved since I looked in one window and all the reclining beds and everything else had gone. So that was sad. So we're going to call the guy and see that way. Mom seems to think I should go see our GP, Dr Biddle.

Wonders if Medicare D would cover dentist? How I cover surgery???? I prefer death than delaying laptop...I prefer death than buying laptop with Windows Vista...Windows Vista worse than death...Windows Vista worse than Satan and the Antichrist....Windows Vista is selling one's soul to the Dark Powers in the End Times.

...I'd rather destroy and sell my soul and body than buy a system with Windows Vista on it.
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