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What? Nobody wants to help me in my Black Omega Galaxy RP???

anyway that's not as dire as what happened last night that zapped quite a lot of my evening and left me trepidated.

First off I am still looking for any of you to join me in my Clan Ghost Bear campaign so I can kill off my very first Battletech character so I can leave the parts of my past connected to him behind and forgotten and unexisting.....

I came home expecting to eat my saved supper and watch the last half of Friday's Passions because mom for some reason thought Sunday evening service at my church started at 6:30!! (getting senile??) So anyway I came home and suddenly spent the entire evening trying to fix the computer since mom said that the new Norton System Works gave an alert to use Norton Cleanup to take out the internet junk, etc.... So I went to my desktop since she set the machine back to the welcome screen and both of our desktops are passworded.

So the computer was acting extremely sluggish!!! I mean all of a sudden between when I got off before going to service and when I got back, it went from being our Dell to acting like the 6 year old Compaq on the other side of the printer!

So I waited out the sluggishness pulling up the Windows Disk Cleanup because the alert didn't appear to me and I waited waited waited for Start to come up....then I waited while Disk Cleanup was stuck at 3 boxes calculating the Compress Old Files, at this time I was already late for an "in game wedding" on TSO so even though the computer was sluggish, I made the effort to log in and it was horrendously slow logging me in as to the black screen before the program threw up the EA Games and Maxis logos and the TSO splash screen...and I had enough and thought "If this damn thing doesn't go much further in the next few minutes, I'm flicking the power switch."

So I actually did and then when I rebooted my desktop I saw the alert so I went to "fix" it and got told to shurt down any open browsers and/or messengers and right when I went to close Yahoo, ........


The ENTIRE schebang suddenly went to Tartarus! Don't pass the temple of Iuppiter Optime Maximus or the Campus Martius, nor collect 200 sestertii....

What happened is that when I started using Norton Cleanup, that and having Norton GoBack enabled caused a loop that I didn't know how to get out of and looked like to me that Win XP suddenly got ate up by one of Cerberus' three heads and passed through his rectum.

The problem was solved however....but first...

What I saw that GoBack told me was this message...

"Norton GoBack rebooted your computer because it detected your system was unstable. Allowing it to continue running would have caused corruption on disk #1. This instability is probably the result of a bug in an application running on your system but could be also caused by hardware problems. Norton GoBack will now scan your disk to verify integrity of its data. When Windows loads you should run Scandisk."

Now it never seemed to do what it says when I clicked OK....for most of the evening it got to the Win XP logo with the Knight Rider looking green bar and then rebooted again and sometimes it got to the Welcome screen but when I moved the mouse pointer over an account it rebooted. I tried restoring to a GoBack point, didn't work....tried safe mode, didn't work....tried all the other modes...didn't work.

I even was desparate to try to find a way to boot to command prompt but couldn't find any (even though I should know better right? There is no "boot to command prompt" anywhere on an XP computer! LOL) and I even tried to find the Hikarunix version of a command prompt line so that I could run Scandisk and fix things.

Nothing could be done so I just gave up and this morning mom had Uncle Wayne come over and at this point I thought "It's bad enough that I don't think even HE could fix it and possibly the only option left is to reinstall XP and go through the hassle and possibly get the HD formatted in the bargain and lose EVERYTHING and have to spend lots of time re-downloading and installing everything."

I even had the insane idea that if it came down to reinstalling XP, that beofre that would be done, I needed to see if I could boot up Hikarunix and see how much of my unbacked up data could be accessed to upload to to send to myself like at campus where I could burn it all to disks but it didn't come to it....

Uncle Wayne was able to work around the GoBack loop and turn it off, sent a message to NOT use Cleanup and leave GoBack OFF.

So there we go.
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