Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

9/11 being overdone...

What do you all think about 9/11 being way to overdone on the first anniversary? Up until now it's been moderately mild with all the "Oh woe is us, let's be partriotic, show our flags and stuff and mourn our dead for all eternity"

but now we're still supposed to put our lives on hold and do a lot of crapola to remember 9/11?? Why don't we and haven't we sung the freaking "Star Spangled Banner" 1 Gazillion times when Pearl Harbor and OKC happened and all the anniversaries since then?

This isn't freaking Thanksgiving or malfing New Year or damned Christmas but yet we're expected at least this year to have baseball games do a variation of commemorations, as well as other social and sporting events, TV as usual being put on hold so there would be TONS of 9/11 crap!! and if this is supposed to be the norm on anniversaries, then what's next?? mail not run on 9/11? 9/11 being a federal holiday?

HEAVEN FORBID!! The mutual proximity of Christmas and New Year is BAD ENOUGH!! Now I am faced with another such one-two combo? If the govt morons do decide on a new federal holiday, then the best I can do to cope is just have mom ixnay my sister each and every year on breakfast out!! and make pretty damned sure that our car doesn't break down!! because I AM NOT going to ask off for BOTH Labor Day and freaking, stinking, overdone 9/11!!
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