Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

looking at my old and currently unused Blogger account....

yeah and went to look at the one that I had been typing in the KRML Historie until I just gradually abandoned it a few months before the "unmentionable disaster" with the 3rd ex....

the current situation with the laptop sounds like a repeat of what caused me to write Passage 30, Stanza 12, Verse 3, though I have to recount and see what calendar year/month/week that happened to be on so I can get some approximate idea what it could have originally meant...well wait a minute...two verses later it was a birthday verse...and since each new passage starts on my birthday...hmmm...let's see...Passage 1 = year 1 = "day I came out slimy"

which means passage 31 is wait because I was 30 when I "met" was the week of my 30th birthday...which means this verse was for about the middle of April of 2003...if I remember correctly, the same year I was in "that relationship" for six months, Gatesway Transportation sent me a typed letter through my driver that they wouldn't be any more servicing me because of lack of funds and times sounded like they were bleak however I forgot what some of the lines meant....

Here is a quote.....

Times are rough,
The rocks at the bottom
Of life's waterfalls aren't wearing down fast enough.
New subscriptions for new traditions get underway.
Old loose ends get tied up and crossed lines
Get uncrossed in the crossfire
Interfire flame war flashburn of communications.
Some things wind down to an end...the end of things...
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