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yeah and went to look at the one that I had been typing in the KRML Historie until I just gradually abandoned it a few months before the "unmentionable disaster" with the 3rd ex....

the current situation with the laptop sounds like a repeat of what caused me to write Passage 30, Stanza 12, Verse 3, though I have to recount and see what calendar year/month/week that happened to be on so I can get some approximate idea what it could have originally meant...well wait a minute...two verses later it was a birthday verse...and since each new passage starts on my birthday...hmmm...let's see...Passage 1 = year 1 = "day I came out slimy"

which means passage 31 is my....no wait because I was 30 when I "met" misfortunedfool....30th....it was the week of my 30th birthday...which means this verse was for about the middle of April of 2003...if I remember correctly, the same year I was in "that relationship" for six months, Gatesway Transportation sent me a typed letter through my driver that they wouldn't be any more servicing me because of lack of funds and times sounded like they were bleak however I forgot what some of the lines meant....

Here is a quote.....

Times are rough,
The rocks at the bottom
Of life's waterfalls aren't wearing down fast enough.
New subscriptions for new traditions get underway.
Old loose ends get tied up and crossed lines
Get uncrossed in the crossfire
Interfire flame war flashburn of communications.
Some things wind down to an end...the end of things...


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Aug. 23rd, 2006 05:46 pm (UTC)
Hi! Um, sorry I haven't been able to help with the RPG yet. I've been really really busy lately. I got my jaw wired shut and had to be in the hospital and I'm just getting the wires off today and other icky stuffs. >.< So, if I can still help (and I'd like to please), please e-mail the information at kawaiianimeneko@hotmail.com ^_^
Aug. 23rd, 2006 09:25 pm (UTC)
it's okay I haven't done my part iether but will soon LOL
you're so sweet too! :P
Aug. 25th, 2006 10:19 pm (UTC)
here's some data, PDFs to come over the weekend, or I'll try to get them....
However look over the site b/c some of them are on there like the Mechwarrior 2nd edition character sheet.
Aug. 26th, 2006 06:37 am (UTC)
here's the links to some sheets
I'm going to do some scanning too of the Max Tech mecha sheets that I've always wanted to use in a game...and scan in the sheets for the companion space game and put them all on PDF as well as scan in the pages that have the tables we'd need.


*snorts* apparently that's the only one since for some reason their copy of the mech sheet from Max Tech is so small, the margins are too wide and everything is scrunched that you need Japanese hands to write in the blanks and over perfect vision to read. So I'll scan that...

Otherwise here's the place to roll the dice. Most cases we would use 2 "regular dice" (the six side type) and I'd do a quick review for myself but I'm sure if I remember right, the skills usually are treated like if one is being used, the player rolls against the save number modified by conditions like sometimes an arbitrary difficulty modifier or better, a modifier from a table like the ranged combat and melee combat tables. Roll above that number and get a success Not like 3rd edition where the player has to have a target number determined and then roll dice and add the skill level or something...it's been a while since I looked at 3rd edition...

Aug. 27th, 2006 03:19 am (UTC)
Re: here's the links to some sheets
Meep! I'm kinda confuzzled. ^.^;;; I'm gonna try to get my boyfriend and friends to help me understand the sheets better. 'Cause they have more experience. I'll send you my character sheet when I'm done making it. ^_^;
Aug. 27th, 2006 04:40 am (UTC)
Re: here's the links to some sheets
Now I got an icon specifically for us, the symbol of the Clan. LOL so whenever you see it...

Anyway don't be confused, I'm giving archetypes remember?

just plug these in, since the unit is a black ops unit with a strong Crusader faction bent in a Clan that has Warden leanings, these archetypes are for Clan characters that lean toward the Crusader philosophy...

I already allocated the 500 C-bill assets toward stuff to speed things up...however I am having a hard time trying to spend it all and really make it make sense so there would be money left over, 131 to be exact. I just got a month's worth of bivouac rent and a jumpsuit, dress uniform and fatigues.

Elemental (infantry in body armor, deployed in "stars" of 25 men each, 5 elementals to a "point" led by a Point Commander)
BLD 7 (5+)
RFL 7 (5+)
INT 5 (7+)
LRN 3 (9+)
CHA 2 (10+)

Athletic 4+
Physical 6+
Mental 10+
Social 11+

advantages: Enhansed Imaging Neural Implant


Primary Elemental Package

Gunnery/Battlesuit 3 (3+)
Interrogation 1 (10+)
Blade 1 (3+)
Medtech 1 (9+)
Piloting/Battlesuit 3 (1+)
Small Arms 2 (4+)
Survival 1 (9+)
Tactics 1 (9+)
Technician/Mech 1 (9+)
Unarmed Combat 2 (2+)

Edge: 1

assets: 500 C-bills

equipment: Basic Field Kit, flak body suit, 2 medkits, ...

pistol: 2D6+3 damange; range (sht/med/lng in hexes)1-2, 3-4, 5-8; 6 shots with 15 reloads

Crusader Mechwarrior (a "point" of one so is his/her own Point Commander though officially just called "mechwarrior" or "warrior"...like Elementals, a commander of a whole "star" is called the Star Commander and the one above the commander is the Star Captain)
BLD 5 (7+)
RFL 7 (5+)
INT 6 (6+)
LRN 4 (8+)
CHA 4 (8+)

Athletic 6+
Physical 6+
Mental 9+
Social 9+

advantages: Enhansed Imaging Neural Implant
Extra Edge (1 pt)


Primary Mechwarrior Package

Gunnery/Mech 4 (2+)
Interrogation 1 (8+)
Leadership 1 (8+)
Medtech 1 (8+)
Piloting/Mech 3 (3+)
Small Arms 2 (4+)
Survival 1 (8+)
Tactics 2 (7+)
Technician/Mech 2 (7+)
Unarmed Combat 1 (5+)

Edge: 2

assets: 500 C-bills

equipment: Basic Field Kit, flak body suit, 2 medkits, ...

pistol: 2D6+3 damange; range (sht/med/lng in hexes)1-2, 3-4, 5-8; 6 shots with 15 reloads
Aug. 27th, 2006 05:07 am (UTC)
Re: here's the links to some sheets
btw, keep in mind that mine would be different from the archetype since 1) it does happen to be a character that I made from scratch and 2) the era he starts out in is way before the Invasion so ne would be getting some flack for not only being an old Galaxy Commander but also being what is called a Freebirth, since in the Clans, the people in the warrior caste are in most cases bred from a 300 year old complex genetic engineering method where sex isn't really used for procreation...more warriors are actually "made" in elaborate genetic repositories (usually on major Clan worlds in their space or on the capitals of their invasion zones) that are always treated like religious places. Warriors are born in "iron wombs" which are essentially like the incubators in NICU units and are made only by joining the DNA of the best warriors of each Bloodname...

Read around, you'll see that in the Clans, last names in the sense we know them are forbidden to keep the "Children of Kerensky" from letting their own factional differences from flaring up again and making them fall into the barbarism that they left behind in the Innner Sphere, therefore only warriors can have last names but they are called Bloodnames instead and last names can only be earned through ritual combat, high rank in Clan military can only be achieved by the Bloodnamed as well.

Few Freebirths (people that are conceived and born through sex) do get into the warrior castes from the 4 lower castes and any Inner Sphere warriors that are captured and made bondsmen, once their bondcords are cut they enter the lower castes but rarely do they go through the system and test into the warrior caste and there's even only one canon instance of an Inner Sphere warrior becoming a freebirth warrior....and then becoming Khan of the Clan...but this case is unique and a long story, the short of it is that this guy, Phelan Kell, one of his ancestors is linked to one of the founders of Clan Wolf so he was made a warrior, he became the current Wolf Khan's right hand man and then there was this thing called the Refusal War between the Wolves and Jade Falcons because the Falcons were calling the Wolf Khan a traitor for his conduct during the invasion and also the Falcons were pissed because of what they uncovered the scientist castes of both Clans were doing....

...the Wolf Khan at this time was also the Khan of all the Khans so someone else took hsi place as leader of Clan Wolf...this new Khan was a woman who died in this Refusal War, and the other guy died too...all the Wardens of Clan Wolf including Phelan Kell (who by this time was allowed to win the Bloodname of his anscestor, Ward), fled into the Inner Sphere and borrowed a few worlds of his own since he was the son of the leader of a famous mercenary unit...and so Phelan Ward became Khan of this Clan Wolf-in-Exile and even eventually got his new Clan to agree to make Kell a Bloodname.

My character, the character that I'm using and planning on killing off, is roughly the reverse of this. He got captured by a Crusader Clan who usually doesn't allow freebirth warriors but they found he is blood linked to one of their heritages...the one unit he was in fought against a raid by the Ghost Bear's Black Omega Galaxy and Alberto Quintanilla, now Jaime Osis, was part of the bid because of research done finding that he also had Tseng blood. The Bears won and then years later the Smoke Jaguars were anniliated by the new Star League forces...

So yeah...my character is incredibly old by Clan standards which usually decree that any warrior over 30 and who hasn't earned a bloodname and advanced beyond Star Commander is "too old" and will never get any better during his/her life and is only meant for a suicide infantry unit.
Sep. 3rd, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)
Re: here's the links to some sheets
I forgot you told your other mail in here and sent an yousendit to your yahoo to have it bounce back, so I'm linking you here. This isn't all the tables and I think that there's only two tables from Mechwarrior 2nd ed that you need to worry about...that I haven't scanned yed.

This is essentially a lot of scanning from the Battlespace game manual...a lot of the important tables and diagrams....I'd have to pull them up later and tell you what didn't scan well. I just want to make sure you get the files. About two or three pages from Battlespace manual can not read well because my hand could not reach over far enough to hold down the lid. Whatever you can't read, ask me about it.

there are status sheets of the ships and fighters, I will determine which ships are ours soon so you can fill them out. When I do that just shade out any excess armor points that are not needed and leave clear the armor needed. The cretical hit section, only worry about marking damage on it if things get that bad. Each hit in a particular column you shade the next box downward. If a ship gets one column all the way down full then that ship is toast. I'll tell you what happens to any area that has a critical hit.

Do not worry about the Mech sheet yet until we reach our first planetside combat. Actually for future reference just remember that whatever mech gets assigned to you, we use normal armor, and usually operate with double heat sinks Shade out any internal structure and armor points that are in ecess and since we are dealing with normal Omnimechs, our cockpits are in the head so you can fill out the optional cockpit slot in the torso with a center torso weapon or whatever.

One more thing, I forgot to say that at the bottom of the Mechwarrior sheet, the Condition Monitor, each pair of boxes equal a point of BLD so if you have a BLD of 5, you just strike through the last 3 pairs of boxes on each row. The save rolls on the condition monitor are for losing consciousness, whenever you fill out one row, you roll the next save number, I think...have to look it up...

The WF (wound factor) is to dtermine how fast and well the character heals when wounded, let me worry about the mechanics of that.
Aug. 27th, 2006 05:58 am (UTC)
Did some determining rolls
determined that the out of mech action would center around the command star but will fudge and do two stars if you want to do an elemental character. Got a dropship but no warship however we could highjack one. That's all the rolls I think I covered.
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