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So very iirritated and pissed right now....

@ 11:30 my time this evening I started...yes STARTED!

I #@##$$#$#%$$ missed the very last episode of IGPX because I took a sudden F*(*(*ING NAP!!!!! UGH I HATE MYSELF!!!! I mean I try to kill time by surfing on the computer and then all of a sudden wake and even forget how I fell asleep and it's so humiliating!!!

So now I not know how the series began because I got into the show late...but now I missed if they main characters won for the second year in a row...and it's pissing me off!!! not only that but I chose to go straight to bed and mom came and wondered hy and I tried to explain that also there's a neighborhood party my church is putting on and there was a flyer and I got all tongue tied and I am pissed about that as well!!!

And after explaining that I am irritated and the reason why a minute later mom think s I'm punishing myself for wanting to buy season 2 THE VERY SECOND IT COMES OUT ON DVD when I want the whole damn series anyway!!!

Yeah there's Blockbusters and Hollywoods with anime sections but something in me seriously doubts that they would be well stocked enough to carry IGPX so the only way I can even SEE the episodes I missed is if I buy or someone buys for me both seasons...and believe me when season two comes out I won't be $#$%$#$%$$ waiting for a birthday or a Christmas especially when it's more than likely that a relative won't buy me it unless I throw a big nasty fit about it

Now part of me hopes that I find a very super bargain...an extremely good laptop for between $1000 and 1500 so that I could have the money left over to get that second and last season the very second it hits the shelves b/c I WILL GET TO WATCH THAT LAST EPISODE!!!!! Heck, even if I virtually make mom and I STAAAAAARVE an entire paycheck by forcing us to buy only $20 a week groceries!!! I will starve us for IGPX!!! I will flipping KILL for season 2 of IGPX....

edit: *blush* O.O wha wha what? When last I looked at YouTube, there was only clips from the Microseries....now there's episodes and AMVs from the series that just ended? (trolls for the episode I just missed)


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Aug. 26th, 2006 02:20 pm (UTC)
I get kinda mad when I take an unexpected nap. But you probably needed the sleep. ^_^
Aug. 26th, 2006 02:29 pm (UTC)
Yeah LOL

and if I hadn't found most of the series on YouTube, Christina would have been mad at me since we just talked the other night about mom having the house looked at b/c we could see sunlight between the bottom of the outside wall of my bedroom, closet, and the bedroom next to me...this guy came over and said he saw a few more major cracks and said we need foundation work too and stuff...and Christina's suggesting I cut out the two MMOs the CyTo subscription, cut Juno back to free/webonly, cut LJ back to free...etc so I could save to move out, since it appears mom would be wanting me to help out with half of that.

If she had just seen the first part without the edit especially the part of "I'm going to buy season 2 the second it comes out!!! grr!!" she'd get irritated.
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