Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

I think there's a Bible Belt conspiracy....

unless I am off by remembering, the September issue of Newtype magazine should have been out by now...should have hit shelves a week ago, b/c I do remember that issues for a particular month usually are released a week at least earlier than the month on the why didn't I see it at Barnes and Noble when I was getting my Shojo Beat? Why didn't I see it at the Blockbuster in my neighborhood or at the one near my work? Why do I still see August issue at my Blockbuster?

Unless there's a conspiracy out of fear of Pat Robertson type Conservative Christians out there that just might see the cover of the new issue either by having young kids pick it up to have mommy and daddy buy, or parents of teenagers that buy the magazine and bring it home and they see...and the places might be afriad that if the parents see they might be like...:

"OMGWTFBBQ!!!! This magazine is advertizing a series called Gothic Made on the cover!!! Let's boycot Blockbuster!!! Ban Newtype!!!eleventyone!!!111!!!"

because heck, it just doesn't make doesn't even make sense if the excuse is that the magazine isn't selling because it is still popular even though a year ago they raised the newsstand cover price because of low subscription or whatever. Or so I would think...they wouldn't have been in business for three years if they weren't that it just wouldn't make sense for it to have gotten the Shojo Beat treatment by Blockbuster (I was told that Blockbuster doesn't sell SB anymore since it's romantic, drama, and girly instead of action oriented so that's why I go to B&N to get it...which is another thing, it wouldn't make sense that not even B&N would have it....but yet have a manga anthology magazine that has a manga series that advocates the lesbian lifestyle?? That also blows holes in my Bible Belt conspiracy too...)

So I'm still wondering what the deal is....Shonen Jump I know sells all over the place; Barnes and Noble still sells Shojo what's up with this September's Newtype??? B&N and Blockbuster should have it by now...and if it is a Bible Belt conspiracy then how come they didn't notice Nana? Or for that matter, the fact that there's Yugioh and Shaman King in Shonen Jump?
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