Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

good news and bad news

well I got the laptop ordered and it's on the way...after next Saturday I'll be able to silently tell corporate to BITE ME WHERE IT COUNTS because as of this Wed I can now devote the $100 per paycheck toward catching up the reverb of all those months saving upand then helping get the Dell a memory upgrade and a new CD burner. Then again I won't be able to flaunt in corporate's face really until I have a successful test of running Second Life and Matrix Online on the laptop.

Bad News is that tonight was the first night in a long time that I was made to turn in a test without completing it. every week or every other week we have review tests in the class and I think it might be a combination of me not having my watch on me and me thinking too much/too hard on some questions and bogging myself down...

but still just because I didn't finish I think I deserve a 45% or maybe a 20%....or maybe even flunking out of the class and taking it over...I deserve the worst thing...maybe I deserve to end it all. This ruins my ego...I even noticed several questions when the groups got together for the group part of the test where at second glance I realized I put the wrong maybe I will get my wish... if only I have the guts to end it but I know I won't. I still suck anyway I suck terribly I should know better this shouldn't happen to me. Since when in a long while has this happened to me???? I totally suck.
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