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What's up with MSN Live Messenger?

If anyone on here has the new MSN messenger and is now having problems with it please let me know....did some updating of Windows this morning and had mom reboot the computer when I was at work since the updater said it needed to do so....

Then after I got home and came on my side for the net since the laptop isn't networked up or anything yet, I noticed that MSN Live Messenger kept on trying to sign in...went on about my business with the damned thing keeping on flashing trying to sign in but not doing so. I tried closing it and starting it again, making sure it has the right password...somehow I got a notice that I got an email but that's about it....and then I tried to log in on the old computer with the previous MSN Messenger and I was able to but not on my side of the Dell, and mom, I saw her side, was logged into MSN Live Messenger no problem.
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