Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Laptop update

I also got a bit of my stuff on it, a wireless router so now I can print, and get on the internet. I also can go out in the living room and do it too and watch the TV out there...and get on in public too and.....

I can play Matrix Online!!! Yeah I had to learn that I can't have a Yahoo Widget running while trying to load it, in be safe I make sure I don't run anything except what's in the system first when I had widgets running, and all the patches downloaded, I started it up and all the company logos went by real slow and I was like "but wait!! This is supposed to be Core Duo Cintriono with 1.66 Ghz.... Why is it slower than the Dell?" and then all of a sudiden..BSD!! So when the system got through that and checking the OS, I just took a guess and closed out the open widgets and then it worked!! Fast!! Been trying that on and off over the weekend, got through a few missions, learned all the hotkeys for the game and how to buy things and find hardpoints.

I also have Second Life which is part of the reason why I thought I could get away with Matrix Online but of course now I know that Matrix Online is even more intensive than Second Life even though both slow down close to horrendously on the Dell. One of my Keiko Matsui enhansed CDs BSD'ed the system today but I put it back in afterward and it worked.

Mom is kinda frustrated that I haven't read the manuals yet, my standing is that I'd rather try and download and install as much as I could of my usual stuff and try to figure out what works and what doesn't. Haven't done the registerring yet but of course I would have to. I think I might...wait I wonder about another system backup whether to do it before or after registerring XP???

Anyway....I'll attempt later to take pictures with the webcam on the Dell...and pictures of something that I keep putting off telling everyone I won in a drawing during a tournament the weekend after my Branson vacation last summer...

I went to a Vs System tournament (vaguely similar to Magic the Gathering only with Marvel and DC super heroes instead of creatures and spells) and I won an X-Men tin to keep a deck in!
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