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still busy sorta

I must be the lamest in the world since part of the time I've really been busy trying to keep on top of schoolwork, part of the time trying to figure out laptop quirks including one where no screensaver would operate if I have my wireless mouse plugged in (so I would have to unplug the USB interface for it to do screensaver) and another where other than home and maybe school and hopefully work, I can't access the e-Sword Bible program when the wifi is also connected at the same time.

I discovered the last one since the second week of owning the laptop....or actually the second Wed I took it to mom's church for midweek and it detected a weak wifi connection and automatically connected.  I played TSO while eating supper there and then when I got into class all I did was say hi to a friend when class was starting and then e-Sword kept freezing when I kept trying to bring it up.  That Friday I tried to pull it up to do some devotional reading at the game shop, and mom and I thought it was because maybe I needed to have the laptop plugged in...and so even with it plugged in at the shop, I had problems again.  I took it to my church on Sunday, it worked great and so I thought the problem was over.

Then last Wed (after a break because we thought that midweek dinner would just be pizza because of Fall Festival and no class anyway) I took the laptop to mom's church again and right when I set it down and turned it on I tried bringing up e-Sword again and for some reason it only would come up normally on the Guest account.  Then later on after class and mom and I were at Walmart I started to think... "First week, no wifi internet at mom's worked fine....then next week onward, there was a weak wifi...and that's when the problems started..."


So I went to see how I can bypass all of that and reminded myself that I can pull up the window of the list of all the wifi connections by clicking the system tray icon, and I went further than that by looking at the advanced settings and found that I can set the settings to every wifi connection that my laptop has ever found to either automatic or on demand/manual connection so I set everything other than work, home and school to "on demand" and then I took it to the game shop last night and was able to pull up e-Sword!!

btw I discvored this....

Who else is love?
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