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Only a short word....

I just realized something tonight....  I might have noticed the timeslot that the new CW is putting the Reba show before but now this is the first time that I figured out what that means to people in CST....

First...I have to say that other than the reason I'm thinking of....that CW is so stupid in almost not giving Reba a chance.  Gilmore Girls has been going on for years on the WB and so has Reba but yet CW originally planned to keep Gilmore and drop Reba because Reba "didn't fit" their demographic?  Even though it has been a hit for years?  The ony reason I could think of is that they could be thinking that there's a lot of people that are too young to remember Reba's last hit song or that the theme song to her show was a hit song...heck it was her last hit to my knowlege...

Anyway I seriously think that Reba to the CW is what I used to be to the district manager of the Pizza Hut I used to work at....behind the show's back the execs at CW are wanting to get rid of the show because they never did like it....the fans of the show, of Reba and of Scarlett Pomers (I'm a fan of the latter) all wrote in and screamed "KEEP IT!!" and they conceeded to a "mid season replacement" and I didn't even know that tomorrow was "midseason" (did the TV season get that much shorter???.....

and guess what?  They move it from Friday night to Sunday a time where half of the middle of the country would be IN CHURCH!!!!  DUHHHHHHH!!!


No matter what the company...all corporate everywhere and all people in all corporates are just cold bastards with no souls...they should all just die and go back to their father in the firey pit.

That includes everyone in Mazzio's corporate, including CEO Ken Selby.
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