Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

I'm such a slacker.....

Okay I'll tell as much news as I can remember because these days I remember thinking I have something to post on a particular day but always end up filling my days with the same things....TV, school (little homework, little studying but not as much as I needed but thank God for the instructor's beneficial grading formula which helped me get an A in the class), and mostly Matrix Online and checking mail, MySpace, surfing to few places......watching some anime on youtube.....going to the game shop and shopping....

I feel bd for not updating as I should or want to.

The bad thing is that I spend so much time learning about MxO and going on Second Life and the other stuff is that there isn't enough time in the day...I should even log on to TSO more but that means logging in at night and especially after the horrendous snow and ice storm that went through the other week which affected my body and made me feel crappy because I was using so much energy just to stay warm...I have been known to fall asleep at night which is normal but I remember in my past that I've been able to stay up awake at night and go to sleep on command....and sleep well.

....and now all it takes is comfort and low levels of light which means that if I stay up late and go to the big screen the next day to see something new....yes you get it...

I've known myself to zone off in church too and I'm glad I don't snore to my knowlege.

So yeah other than last night I didn't log on to TSO for a week other than check system mail and last night I think I skipped plans I made with a coworker to play Albatross 18 because TSO finally did a holiday mod to their title which was the first time they did so since last Valentines.  Yep no overall massive updates to the game, and also no title screen changes for Halloween and Thanksgiving but now they didn't dissapoint with Christmas/Winter.  Last night all of a sudden Blazing Falls closed for maintenance so the person that roleplays as my daughter in that city agreed to meet in Alphaville....I got there to my lot and selected to buy more power for my spotlight but my sim there didn't do anything...a minute later I got "error 23" and I logged in to see the cities to all three of my sims are offline.  Got a message from a DJ of a station that the game was back up but at that time I was talking to a friend and was late for Midweek class at mom's church so....I wasn't able to see if it was the update until later.

Just like last year not only did they put snow and skating silhouettes on the title screen, they also had the city maps covered in snow with animated snow on the screen.

On Halloween last year and Valentines this year....respectively...they had bats, spiders and witches; and a red background with hearts on the title screen.

As far as work.....Danny is a creep...he is sorta a nice guy but recently he schedules me from 9-3:30 all week even if I have school and my concern is that he doesn't understand...and if he thinks "well you work thirdy minutes to an hour over anyway..." well....I wouldn't if we didn't have so many customers and if everyone would stop bringing me crap from salad bar prep and doughbuckets that I <b><i>have to put through</i></b> at the last minute...if those stop happening I wouldn't need to be scheduled to 3:30.  I even had to go straight to campus two weeks in a row because of this bullshit!!  One week to have time to enroll in next semester and be rudely awakened that my old advisor before he retired screwed up my records and now even though I still graduate in spring, I'd have to turn around and take one more class in summer so I have to stay at friggin Mazzio's Pizza for a few more months....I HATE THAT PLACE!!!

For the second week, welll it was my final.

Yesterday Danny's boss from corporate office came to inspect and the inspection didn't go well I don't think and he was pointing out things needed to be done and midweek was last night so my supervisor came to me and told me that I was assigned to do the boxes that stored the bucket lids and the small items since they were dirty...glad it wasn't anytthing more but I was incensed and started raving about how corporate only cares about the bottom line and the welfare of the corporation and not about the employees...which is wonder why I call Mike David the "shitbag"

If you wonder where I get that from, go to Youtube and search for Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien.

Anyway I got to go now I'll try and kick myself to add more later for now enjoy my new icon.
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