Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Once you go can't go back!!! :P

I got XS!!!!! I got XS!!!!!

I won a booster pack at the Vs tournament tonight and got it from the new Legion of Super Heroes set...I looked through the cards and found the ONE card I have been wondering about and wanting since hearing the set was coming out....

My favorite member of the LSH since Lightning Lass...XS!!

of course with the webcam lighting it's hard to see so here's the breakdown....

I cut off the bottom corner out of the picture but she's 4 attack (causes that much damage) and 5 toughness (opponent needs either to use a character with at least that much ATK or be able to boost the character's ATK with equipment cards or plot twists or team attack to stun).

The rules text is just an ability she has....there's this mechanic called Cosmic which gives various effects to different characters for as long as the particular character hasn't been stunned yet. Once stunned the cosmic is gone....

Anyway the rules text says that the ability is to "ready XS" (meaning she could be used to attack again) at the cost of removing a cosmic counter from a character I control.

Though I forgot to ask since it's above the words "Cosmic-Surge" so I am not sure if that ability would go away if XS loses cosmic....

Also I don't get how XS could have flight (symbolized by the wings on the side if her super power is super speed unless one could argue that "Why have a ranged attack if you can run very fast and run circles around others? As if you're flying??" or heck, she's Legion....and not sure if any of you are American comic geeks but just in case none of you are, one thing all members of the LSH have in common is that they all have flight rings so maybe it wouldn't surprise me if all LSH characters have flight on the basis of the flight rings.

And since XS is the Flash's granddaughter....she has the double affiliation "Legionnaires/Speed Force." She's Barry Allen's granddaughter YAY for interracial relationships in the Allen family!!
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