Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

Stressful, aneurysm causing week/times

Okay....Christmas and New Years were great....helped my best friend and had been a great listener and learned something about myself....can't elaborate on that especially since things more recent are causing the feeling of returning to the old.

Old as in totally disgruntled and ticked off...majorly ticked off.  Tech problems under cut.

About a week after Christmas or during the week after, my uncle hooked up a DVR/VCR combo unit to replace the old VCR which now "jumps and rolls" on any other speed than SP and sometimes LP and now is just crappy since recently we had recorded on it and the recorded audio was so low we had to turn it up full blast to get the sound between a whisper and "talking low."

Anyway There are also sub-reasons why I bought the combo, the main one was that I could set up the unit to timer record on the DVR the programs, especially shows that mostly I watch, because in my eyes either I watch my soap after our soap and mom would come in sometimes and ask if I'm done with the living room TV....or I'd save it for later and I come in to find her watching something on living room TV...or I would tape my Saturday Night anime while I am out playing Vs System and come home and she would have the LR TV on either watching it or (seemingly) listening to it in another room and usually I do not do a thing out of fear that she would say she is "watching" it and would be out there in a second or just listening.

So I would set up the DVR to record and autofinalize so all I'd have to do is turn it on and pop out the disk and take it to the laptop and watch my stuff without being afraid of not having something cleared off and the machine reset to tape something else....

...because in the past I would have had to come home, comandeer the living room TV, watch ALL the anime to get the TAPE clear to record Amazing Race or something similar to that...and I would also had planned to enjoy watching my soaps on the go.

Anyway, I saw where Friday Night Flights was moved to Weds.  So last Wed since the Friday before I had chose to skip the Magic tourney I planned to skip Midweek to play Magic...the first few days of setting up the combo device were great except for the one incident that it did not record Legion of Super Heroes.  I learned that the thing does not appear to autofinalize on a memory that covers more than one day and it does not autofinalize until it had gone through every programmed memory.  So first three days we/I had set up only to go off on the day I set it up on, and tape only our soaps, then autofinalize, we watch Days, I pop it out and watch Passions in my room.

Now here comes the problem...last Wed came around....If I remember correctly I had switched out disks and undid the finalize, and I think also had to erase the disk because it was full.  There is NO option to reinitialize or to initialize or whatever so I take it that "undo finalize" under disk edit covers that.

I set up the unit to tape Friday Night Lights and South Park/Mind of Mencia, went through every single step...


then went to play....

came back to a flashing light!!!!  Turned it on and I DIDN'T GET FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! and it was already past 9 and I wasn't getting South Park either!

I checked the memories and it was giving the error stating that there was an overwrite problem.... OVERWRITE??????!!!!????????? The two programs WEREN'T overlapping and there was an ONE HOUR GAP between the end time of one and the start time of the other!!!!!!

So after that was a half week of frsutration, obcession, setting up "as if" tests to see what was being done wrong if it was human error...setting up the DVR side "as if" I was setting it up to tape Friday Night Lights and South Park again....still getting errors, either the DVD was blinking or the timer record red light was was irritating me to no end especially with talking about the thing almost non stop even when I was trying to relax from it the best I could, we were just about yelling and screaming at each other.

Then Saturday had been in contact with uncle....he got her started on searching for our model and read on several forums disgruntled owners that had massive problems with the particular unit mostly the same problem we had....and here I was saying that the thing was so user unfriendly...the manual was too....and so in the end uncle came out and went through the steps too and agreed that it was user unfriendly...we got flashing lights then too.  I even told misfortunedfool that I was afraid I would be getting an aneurysm very soon because of how tense and stressed I was.

So we returned it and got another combo drive of a different model, got home to find that it is not hardware compatible with our old TV so we took it back and exchanged it for two separate units, to find out that we would need a second converter box to hook both up to the TV and the 5 disk DVD player so we put the VCR in the living room and the DVR in mom's bedroom hooked to her TV and the cable.

Then I think I recorded .....come to think of it this was a sign too!!!  I set it up to record Naruto, Zatch Bell and Prince of Tennis then planned to leave it alone when I got home and let it go off to get Trinity Blood, Bleach and Eureka 7....what happened exactly I forgot but all I remember is that it didn't go off on the second memory, I went in and reset it again to tape both showings of the last three but it still did not do!!!

The next time I went to record more than one show was when I thought that my first class was on Tuesday and because of all the stress from the past week, I confused tat class with this other class I was saving for Summer....(my ex-advisor screwed up my records and in short, gave me credit for a credit I didn't actually get...and so I would need to take another class since I had gotten the same credit twice and am now lacking a credit somewhere's an entirely separate story)

Anyway on Tuesday I realized I had missed my first Monday night class and I got extremely ticked at myself and am now going to be brutal on myself but am slacking now...but soon I'll sit down and read through THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF OF THE TEXTBOOK in one setting!!!  I will also whip myself so hard that I would get an A on EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT, EVERY SINGLE TEST, AND EVERY SINGLE EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT!!!

I left the DVR set up as if I did have class though...and I watched the soaps on the VCR since mom set it up as a backup.  I then saw it go off for Gilmore and for Law and Order SVU.

Then today I switched disks....made sure it was unfinalized, it was almost used up....I taped our soaps...we came home and watched one since mom told me the VCR tape ran out and she messed things up so we went back and watched it in the back...I turn it on and immediately it was AS IF WE HAD JUST PLUGGED IN AND TURNED ON!!

It went to the setups so we set it up and had it grab the channels, we watched Days....I switched out disks and unfinailized the one I put in....I plugged in Friday Night Lights and South Park/Mind of Mencia....came home after midweek and groceries to see that ALL LIGHTS WERE OFF and when I turned it on I got the same darned thing!

So I set it up to tape immediately untl 10 PM and then shut off and tape on NBC at 11 to midnight....IT DID THE SAME THING!

So now I/we are having it tape from 11:25 to 12:25, dhut off and then tape at 8 AM.
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