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My Mon night class I missed last week I can't go to today because of the ice storm.  Yea they aren't doing MLK Day since it appears that if it weren't for the ice storm there would be classes since the website said that classes at all campuses are cancelled for today but offices on all campuses will open at 10!

So I HATE Mother Nature that malfing whore!!!  I now declare war on that whore and will do my part in wrecking ecosystems since I am now TWICE as behind as the other students!!

Mother Nature will now eventually be Mother DEAD!!

Work is another matter...on the one hand I don't want to miss an entire day's work b/c I don't wanna hear mom complain about how she thinks I'm "shorting" groceries because of the smaller paycheck when I STILL put $100. in checking but on the other hand, I don't want to risk my ass in this weather going across town to work just because Ken Selby is a greedy profit hungry bastard that wants all his restaurants to be one of a few places still open when everyone else closes because of the ice storm!

All I can say now without risking trouble. ;)


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Jan. 15th, 2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
You need to stop being so angry/verbally violent about stuff... its a little scary. =p
Jan. 16th, 2007 04:48 am (UTC)
I know...I never mean to be. :( Between the DVR problems and the stress of getting that extra class situated because of the advisor screwup...and then getting confused on the days of the one class and the one that I dropped....

It's just frustrating that last week it was MY ACCIDENT that I missed the FIRST NIGHT and I had NEVER BEFORE missed the first day/night of class...this is the first class I had missed the first night of...I mean ever since elementary school I never remember missing the first day. Andnow all of a sudden I sc rew up, get confused and think one of my classes was on a Tuesday night when actually the one I dropped to take this summer was the Tuesday and I didn't realize until last Tuesday??

Now you see why I'm hard on myself especially now? Now thanks to Mother Nature I would have to work that much harder to make sure that I am hard on myself and pound myself an A out of every single assignment in the class because of my humiliation. It won't be easy since I missed the first week/night and now the whole class has to miss out a week and now would have to cram two weeks into one week.

Me...I have to cram THREE weeks into one week INCLUDING next week.

At least this slacker would have more time to really do part of what I have planned and read half the textbook before going to that class...IF I EVER DO GET THERE.

And yet after everything with the combo unit problems andeventually getting separate machines mom and I thought things would be easy....WRONG! I feel totally incompetent there too and that I'm losing my touch as the technically competent one. I USED to be intuitive about this crap and be like "oh you do this this and this" without looking at the manual but now I can't even get three separate memories recorded on the DVR....up until last Wed we had minimal problems but misteriously I was able to tape on Tuesday our two soaps, Gilmore, and SVU.....then after Wed everything went to the crapper and I even eventually started meticulously reading an d following the manual and grasping at straws for why the damned yellow timer light goes poof on the third memory, why when we turn on the machine it "acts" like we had just plugged it in (ie: pulls up the language menu first and goes straight to auto channel preset...), why sometimes the clock jumps forward 6 hours later...and now when we started to think it is the auto clock settings, we discovered that it was on Animal Planet.....we/I was/were like "AP is PBS?????" So this morning I manually set the auto clock to our PBS and programmed it....set it up to tape the soaps and then tape as if Heroes started this week instead of next....and then set up to tape as if South Park and Mencia were coming on an hour later. got the soaps, got the first test...then the minute the second test came on, the yellow light poofed and no lights at all.

and here mom is reading throgh the clock settings section like I'm the moron and the technically incompetent one and as if she's the tech wiz.

I feel I lost a huge part of mmyself, especially more so if what she said is right...that essentially technology is getting so sophisticated that nobody can just dive right in and figure things out instantly and would have to read everything closely a billion times over to get it straight...

It's kinda like men who aren't mechanically able to have kids or something like that....
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