Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

late for a special lookback

some of you might remember the beginning of what I call the "Year" of Darkness.  the time when everything fell apart, when I was at my lowest.  Some of you were definately there and have expressed disgust and shock and some actually even left my friends list at that time and even gradually left during this period over several related matters; some being what I had been doing in the last days communicating with the ex-gf, to a semi-hidden racism toward *ahem* a certain group of people that the ex's new husband belonged to.

While some of you might question whyI should bring up such a dark time and a disgusting day and actually emphasizes my one resolution for this year, to show how much I did grow, even though in this instance it's a measurement of how I grew, fell disasterously, and grew again.


I'm not so terrible.  There's some parts of me still with me that are...and I want to kill them off.

without further rambling or procrastination.....

2001: no entries until March


2003: no entry until March


(The Day)


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