Skrain Bodak (skrain_bodak) wrote,
Skrain Bodak

been so busy

will update later maybe in a secure post....

however have been trying to keep my life as close to usual routine as possible but with all the added stuff plus being behind on my programs since when mom was in the hospital we didn't guess that she would die...and I was saving the one soap we watch together for her and I didn't even watch them all from that week, therefore I've become massively behind on that because my sister is taking me around most of the time.

She works at a day care so I have to get up early and have only about an hour to get ready so not much time there, I bitched this morning about how if we or I rather had only found a DVD recorder that DOESN'T mess up, I would have been able to not be tied down to the damned TV like I am still now.  Then I wouldn't have been behind.  Because after work almost every other day there's always since my sister for her own reasons that only one or two know a little bit more than most....she can't afford any time off or to get off work early if she can help it so even on school nights I have to wait until she picks me up at after 3:30 PM.  I'd have to bitch half the time and make *ahem* "threats" in order to get off right on scheduled time just so I can actually EAT SUPPER so I wouldn't have to juggle a sack of food around on campus b/c sister takes me straight there.

Then almost half the time she invites me next door...she kinda gave up on me yesteray b/c I was in the middle of playing Albatross 18 and couldn't back out of it so she brought over my supper.

So yea, I have problems getting one tape clear since I'm having more problems getting the most recent tape clear because of all the activity.  I'm "treading water" because of all this and last Saturay there was some "business" the family was doing and that took pretty much all day, had a project for one class to do plus church services including one in Second Life, and sister took me clothes shopping.  So not much time that weekend as planned to catch up.  This next weekend I hope I could...

I haven't even had time to finish my wet clothes but clothes in the dryer, the basket...a moutain of dirty clothes in the hamper...all that becuase I CAN'T CATCH UP ON MY TV!!!!!

poll coming next.
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